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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Wearing a top and trousers that I bought during the middle of summer and knew that they would be the perfect pairing for winter.

Top - Valley Girl
Trousers - Hell Bunny
The Lovecats Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Trench coat - Collectif
Beret and Umbrella - Forever New
Shoes - Wittner

This particular day involved lots of rain, which called for the umbrella and coat. I was visiting my friend Renee at her house to hang out and then go to the shops later on. Luckily we ducked out of her house for 5 mins of outfit photos because the rain soon poured down again, the sun was really lovely for this very brief break of rain.

I always buy quite a lot of clothing when in the opposite season and wait and wait with excitement until it is appropriate to wear it (especially when it comes to some of my favourite international brands). I bought this top on sale at the end of last winter (also in white and pink) and these pants half way during summer and almost forgot until last week that I had them. So on they popped with my new beret and my trusty coat. The outfit gave me some serious spy or detective vibes... Or maybe even a cat burglar which then made me think of one of my favourite childhood books, Slinky Malinki in which I had to complete my outfit with this Erstwilder cat brooch because I did have the book in mind as I was getting ready. I like that the pop of colour from the brooch brightens up this simple look and adds detail to a plain top. 

I say it over and over again, but I can't tell you how much comfort means to me and pieces like this are just that. I like most of my wardrobe to be comfortable and somewhat practical, these trousers especially are another good addition to the wardrobe. Sure I have things that are not as comfortable that I pull out of the wardrobe sometimes and yes I will do that for fashion. But if something is comfortable than I know that I am going to wear it a lot and get my money's worth for many years to come.

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Such a cute outfit!
    I love love love those pants, need them for fall, because winter in Germany means snow and very cold temperatures.
    I also really like that simple black top, I own a similar one and wear it all the time when it's colder. And of course I adore the super cute brooch. ;-)

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  2. I love the overall vibe of this look! The fit of those trousers is really great on you. I really have a thing for those kind of trousers, but I don't have many pairs that fit that well, so I am still on the lookout! I think buying things out of season can get you some great bargains, I do it too. xx

  3. I tried to buy these trousers - but they were such a weird length on my short legs. Looked too odd to get away with it... I opted for Collectif's very similar Bonnies in nearly exactly the same pattern, but then had to grapple with getting those taken up too. Basically I can't pull any trousers on and have them look immediately as good as they do here on you, with very few exceptions!! x

  4. I often find great bargains of clothes out of season - just a matter of putting them away in the wardrobe for a few months!

    I am still jealous of how good you look in trousers - I wish I did!

  5. These are awesome trousers on you, I really love wearing pants/trousers in winter! Love your beret and brooch as well! xo

  6. Such a fun, lovely outfit. I get a major c. early 60s collegiate vibe from this charming look (plaid + a beret channel that spirit so well!). You look fab, my dear!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  7. That beret is the perfect touch to your outfit! Such a fun look for you!

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