Bettie by the Bay

Wednesday 21 September 2016

A windy walk by the water in the perfect summer dress!

Bettie by the Bay Dress - c/o Bettie Page
Swim with the Lobsters Brooch - c/o Heidelgelb & Larry Brooch
Anchor Bow Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Vintage Hat - Esty
Bag - Thrifted in New Zealand
Shoes - Novo

I have been wanting to try Bettie Page for quite a while now and when recently given the opportunity to review a few pieces I could not have been more excited. Bettie Page make fabulous dresses, separates, swimwear and shoes. With the warm weather recently I could not wait to wear this beauty out! This post is quite long (sorry) but I love this outfit ahh!

When I received my parcel I could not wait to rip it open, first of all they came in plastic garment covers and hangers, all ready to go into my wardrobe. I am always struggling with clothes hangers and most of mine were already in use so that made it easier. I can not rave enough about the quality of this brand, the fabrics are amazing and the construction is beautiful. This is one of my new favourite brands for sure.

I chose this dress as it is perfect for summer and it can be dressed up or down. It features two huge pockets and a matching belt, the matching belt doesn't always stay in place but I just kind of tied it with a slight twist at the belt loop and then I had no problem, my belt may look a little of centre in some photos but I guess that's what you get when your duty is to walk your two little fluffy dogs before photos! I went with size 4 for everything and would say they are true to the size chart. I do have extra room in the waist which is fine by me as I like to be comfortable and have room for eating when I go out. Also, how cute is this print... Palm trees, pin-up girls and seahorses with a perfectly nautical colour scheme - perfect. I had to add my Revere Folie anchor bow earrings for this look as they are so cute and I like to team with the theme haha.

The next thing I must talk about is this beautiful lobster brooch by Heidelgelb & LarryBrooch, this talented lady from Italy makes the most amazing and beautiful handmade wooden brooches. I first became aware of this talented artist when she created a brooch inspired by one of my outfit posts, I am still so flattered and also amazed at how accurate it is - she even got my eyebrows right (check out my photo on Instagram). I was very lucky to be sent this portrait brooch and also this cute lobster which seems to fit perfectly with this dress... It looks as if it is jumping out of the pattern! Be sure to follow this wonderful artist on Instagram as the photos featuring her many designs are really beautiful.

To me this outfit screams summer and I have so many more spring and summer looks that I can't wait to wear and share here on the blog. Until next time!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Head turningly fabulous nautical look. I just love the vintage style plastic slide buckle belt included on this cheerful frock. What a super touch!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. What a beauty that Bettie is! Gorgeous photos (again!), and that hat was made to go with this look. Xx

  3. A dress with my favourite colour combination <3 it's really super pretty. I don't have anything from this brand but you've made me want to correct that! Lovely photos, as always x

  4. Such a fabulous dress on you! I love the cut and the print is so fun. I've been interested to see Bettie Page dresses in action. It is still so confusing to me... Bettie Page in Las Vegas turning into Tatyana and now there is a new Bettie Page. I am assuming it is a whole new company now? I love how you styled this dress with the lobster brooch, anchor earrings, and hat. So cool of the brooch lady in Italy making you a portrait brooch and sending you these brooches. <3 Also, I have that same problem with some belts. I usually pin them with a safety pin from behind and it helps keep it in place. Maybe that would work for this one too?

  5. Such a wonderful outfit for warmer days! This makes me even more sad that summer is over now in Germany...

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  6. Yes this dress is perfect for summer, I love the style and fabric print! Loving your hat and earrings and that lobster brooch is so cute! :)

  7. Such a pretty outfit and you have your image on a brooch! How fun is that!

  8. Such a gorgeous and lovely outfit.Red heels are too adorable ,i just love this outfit of vintage style .


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