Seaside Sunset

Wednesday 7 September 2016

A colourful summer look, perfect for the seaside!

Primrose Dress in Seaside Print by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury - c/o Rock n Romance
Summer Splice Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Pineapple Wicker Purse - Natasha Marie Clothing
Hat - Glassons
Shoes - Novo

These photos were taken a few weeks ago after the Fifties Fair, I came home for half an hour, changed outfits and off I was to the waterfront with mum and the dogs. I had been dreaming of wearing this outfit and what better way to end what was already a great day then to go for a walk by the water in another wonderful outfit!? My hair held up the whole day which is always a good thing, with only a bit of frizz towards the end of the day.

I have mentioned before that I have been sizing up for The Seamstress of Bloomsbury dresses (especially those with buttons) and I did the same for the Primrose dress. I am thanking the team at Rock n Romance again for their always helpful advice as the fit is fantastic. The bust and shoulders are comfy to wear and there is no gaping (which I experienced previously in size 8) and although there is a bit of extra room in the waist the belt takes care of that. 

I loved bringing the yellow out on the print of this dress with my earrings and this adorable bag. This is going to be a great dress for spring and summer, as much as I like my thin strap dresses with open backs for summer it is nice to have one with a bit more coverage, especially when it is made of beautiful light cotton. 

This style and print has a really great authentic vintage feel to it and I couldn't help but fall in love with the seaside print, it is definitely a perfect dress for me. I will continue to add nautical and tropical print clothing to my wardrobe as spending my time by the water makes me so happy and when I match that is even better. Bonus points for the front pockets on this dress, I love when my dresses have pockets but I am a sucker for cute front ones.. I usually put my phone in one and sometimes spare change in the other (for an ice-cream by the beach).. Or lipstick - whatever I need at the time haha!!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Love the dress!! And the earrings, the hat, the shoes and that bag...oh my! Cheers, Michele

  2. I really fell for this print, and bought the sun dress version with the little matching jacket, but found it ran particularly small. I haven't had to size up in either the Tartan Lisa or the polkadot Violet, so it was a shock, and they didn't have the next size in stock unfortunately. I LOVE this version of the dress on you, you're right about sleeves being a nice change from sundresses for summer, and they certainly help if things are a bit too hot (so you don't burn your shoulders) or a little too cool. I thought the fabric had an almost linen feel to it, really wonderful and authentic feeling as with all their fabrics!

    Gorgeous photos xx

  3. Oh such a beautiful summer inspired dress, I love the seaside print and those earrings and handbag go so well together! Lovely photos as well! xo

  4. This dress is super cute! I like the location also.

  5. A lovely summer outfit!

    I am pleased that it is still warm enough in the UK for me to wear summer dresses even though we are now well into September

  6. Such a cute dress. I love the colors and cut on you. So perfect with your fun yellow lemon slice earrings and pineapple purse <3 Sounds like it was such a perfect day! <3

  7. I am particularly struck with the authentic print of this dress! I definitely thought it was an original vintage piece. And the pockets, definitely a great bonus! I love that you put icecream money in one pocket, totally necessary at the beach! You look cute as a button in this adorable look. And the bag is so fun!

  8. Super cute and colourful look! The print really is something special and it's perfect with the pineapple bag. This shape and style of dress looks horrible on me, which is a real shame but you can't win 'em all I guess! x

  9. Such an amazing and authentic dress! It suits you so well.

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  10. Super lovely outfit! It's sweet, cheerful and endlessly cute. Adore it to bits!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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