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Monday 26 September 2016

Kicking off Halloween early with Erstwilder and I have finally found a wiggle skirt that works so well for me!

Pietra Faux Fur Collar Cardigan - c/o Collectif Clothing
Violetta Velvet Heart Pencil Skirt - c/o Collectif Clothing
All Hallows' Eve Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Shoes - Miss L Fire
Turban - Two Dollar Shop (bought years ago)

I am super excited to have my first Halloween themed Erstwilder brooch.. I chose this one as I loved the simplicity of it and find it quite elegant, it should go with a lot of looks for the season too (and all year round in that matter). I styled the brooch a little differently than I usually would and decided to pin it to a turban, although I wasn't sure if I liked it and was on the fence about keeping it on, I decided to just go with it and ended up liking the result. Halloween isn't huge in Australia but this is a fun way to celebrate it and what better way than to accessorise.

I was a little worried taking photos in front of this house since it's a new neighbourhood (my old neighbours were used to me prancing around their driveway since they have they have great flowers this time of year lol. Max took this set and I kept telling him "Oh no, what if they come and tell me to stop taking photos in front of their house?" and he told me to just chill out they won't care and I wasn't even that close to the house, haha! 

Collectif knitwear is one of my favourite things and this cardigan is no exception! It's soft to wear, has a nice cropped fit, the collar is removable and it has heart buttons yay! I went with size xs/8 and love the fit and I don't experience any gaping whilst wearing it. I love that I can remove the collar so that it goes with a variety of things in my wardrobe.

This skirt is amazing, I always struggle to find a pencil skirt that has a great fit and that I feel comfortable wearing. When I received this skirt and pulled it out from the packaging I was a bit worried because it looked so tiny.. I was left thinking how will my booty fit. So naturally I tried it on straight away and I was happy to see that it has plenty of stretch and a fit perfect fit! My quest to find a really nice black pencil skirt is complete. I went with my regular size xs/8 so I am happy to have no problems or have to swap for a different size, pencil skirts seem to be a bit of a hit and miss but I am over the moon with this one. Bonus points for the adorable heart pockets!! I'm glad that they are black as it won't get in the way of styling this skirt in the future as a black pencil skirt seems like a wardrobe staple. 

I just wore a singlet with this cardigan and skirt as I didn't intend to take the cardi off, it probably doesn't look the greatest but I wanted to wear something simple and lightweight this particular day as it was a warm day with gusts of wind, which is why there are no stockings.

I have a feeling I'll be taking my first swim of the season very soon, it is so warm today and I have already pulled my swimwear out because I'm so excited. 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. This wiggle skirt and cardigan look amazing on you, I love the black and red together! Also that Erstwilder brooch looks so great on your turban! xo

  2. The skirt, cardigan and shoes are all brilliant on you and go together with the hat so beautifully. This might even be one of my very favourite of your looks! Kx

  3. Love this look! I also like the wiggle skirts just this summer didnt wear them so much. I will wear them more now with colder days.

  4. I do love me a cropped cardigan! So much more flattering when it finished at the waist! And your brooch placement is inspiring. I love turbans on other people but never try one myself. The brooch brings it to the next level of fabulousness!

  5. Magnificent outfit! That is such a great spot on which to rock a brooch, especially, I think a round one, which compliments the soft lines of a turban so nicely. Stellar styling, dear gal!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  6. That cropped cardigan sits perfectly on you! I will have to investigate. Usually if a cardi is cropped it has shorter sleeves, which is no good. This outfit came together beautifully. I love how you're wearing the turban too, sort of back on the head a bit. I need a turban for sure!! X

  7. I was having some doubts about that cardigan, but it looks so gorgeous I just might need to buy it for myself. Apparently the fur part is removable? Your whole outfit is very beautiful and I like how you pinned your brooch into that turban, it's something different and refreshing! x

  8. I love both of these Collectif pieces - and I thought about putting them together like this too. They really work! It's all in the heart details... I never thought I needed a turban but I love how you're wearing this one and putting the brooch on it was a smart move. I always worry that turbans won't flatter me because I need all my hair to look halfway decent, but maybe if I styled it with some curls like you have then worry over! x

  9. Gorgeous outfit Kayla! I love the way you wore the brooch on your turban. Such a cleaver way to incorporate it into your outfit and it looks great! <3

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  11. Oh that cardigan and shoes is too pretty! And I’m so obsessed with how you styled it!
    i lover black dresses too

  12. This outfit looks so amazing on you! I love everything, but the skrit is a real head-turner. Perfection!!

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  13. Love this! Everything is perfect! Wedding Dresses


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