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Thursday 23 March 2017

Another beautiful nautical dress to add to my collection, this obsession will never end!

Photos: Mum

Outfit Details

Isabelle Summer Dress in Blue Nautical Print - c/o Zoe Vine
Helm and Home Brooch - Erstwilder
Shoes - Payless

What can I say? I love nautical themed clothing! This light blue dress is actually quite a lovely subtle nautical print to me in comparison to the typical navy blue (which I love). This is a lovely addition for someone like me who loves nautical prints and wants a good variety in their wardrobe. 

Zoe Vine is a UK based brand and one I have always been curious to try, my first impressions when this dress arrived were all very positive... The first thing I usually analyse when I receive a new garment is the fabric and this 100% cotton dress feels luxurious and is the most beautiful quality so I can only assume all Zoe Vine dresses are made to a very high standard. The cotton is quite thick and it seems like this is a dress that can carry you through all seasons, last time I wore it with my bikini underneath to the beach and next I'll be throwing a cardigan or coat when the weather is cooler.

The construction and overall design is just divine, I am wearing size xs, as mentioned on the website it runs large, this is true it is a little big on me but nothing that makes me want to take it in, having the belt pulls it in and it's just so damn comfortable! Dresses with matching belts are always a winner for me too!

This print is unfortunately almost sold out in most sizes however it is also available in green and yellow! I do highly recommend the Isabelle dress as it's such a classic style and so well made. I hope to wear more Zoe Vine in the near future.

Fifi and Leo also had a good time whilst we were out for our walkies (they always have fun no matter where we go), they usually just explore, play or have a little rest when we stop to take some photos... Or walk through shots hehe!

The sun should be out again on the weekend so hopefully I will head to the beach or just enjoy the sunshine, though it will probably be really humid which isn't much fun! Oh hopefully I can do some more sewing... Have a great weekend, not long now!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. I've had my eye on Zoe Vine but suspected the length of the dresses would be a tad short on me. It's a shame because the quality does look excellent. This is the perfect length on you, and I do like the pale blue colour, something a bit different for nautical styles. It's my last day in work today and then I'm off for a week - we're heading to the coast so I'll be digging out my nautical looks! X

  2. Oh man, you make me pine for warmer days! It's still pretty wintry here but if Summer means outfits like this, I am in! I love this look - what a spectacular red hat to match!

  3. Such a gorgeous dress on you and totally you that's for sure! I love how you have brought out the red with your red heels and big red floppy hat! :)

  4. Love this dress so much I was paid today and ordered it, but have just received a refund so I guess I won't be getting my hands on it after all :'(

  5. I would have thought that was a true vintage dress. Very clever how the fabric has that slightly faded quality to it. I think that's what makes it feel so understated and elegant. Very pretty with the red accessories, the hat is just fabulous!!

  6. Such an adorable print! I love the color too! <3


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