Sun Kissed

Thursday 30 March 2017

This is probably the last bikini on the blog for this swim season (insert sad face).

Photos: Renee

Outfit Details 

Lip Print Bikini Top, Bottoms, skirt and Hat - c/o Unique Vintage
Sunglasses - Op-Shop 
Shoes - Novo

Yesterday afternoon it was stinking hot and as I write this blog post it is now pouring rain, the weather is quite strange lately... March always seems to be that way. This will probably be my last swimwear feature on the blog for the swim season as I said above, I say probably because I can't make promises.

Whilst there is still good weather for swimming at times, shooting this bikini was a little tricky, along with a couple of other looks this month as it was either rain, shine or just weird lighting. Thankfully I was able to get some time in yesterday for this gorgeous Unique Vintage bikini as it just super cute.

As you can see in some of the first images the bikini top comes with removable straps, I thought I'd show them on but I really love this one strapless too. I don't have a lot of strapless styles but this one in particular has really great support and stays up well. The padding in the bust and back tie make it a reliable strapless style, it also has really great padded support and of course the cute ruffles make it even more adorable. The bottoms are a great flattering high waist style but the side ties really caught my attention giving it that little bit of extra detail that I always look for.

Whilst this bikini has quite a bit going on it all seems to work well, the print is really vibrant, different and it's just a really great functional bikini in general. Two thumbs up again for Unique Vintage! Again I went with size small and this bikini is another great fit. I had to top it off (get it) with another gorgeous hat from UV too, they have such a great range and I have added so many to my collection over the past year.

Hopefully this rain clears up by the weekend so I can get out and about!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Gorgeous lady, so glam with that hat! Another fabulous UV bikini, great print and I am always weak for ruffles. Xx

  2. I love this bikini, can't wait to go in shopping for bikini, but I m going on holiday in September I have more then enough time to find good one. Skirt is also amazing, love the print.

    I hope we will still see some photos in bikini this year :)

  3. Super cute! That ruffle is so feminine and fun!

  4. The bikini's great but that hat is amazing! I really like it worn on the side as you've got it here too, although I bet it would never stay on my head like that... x


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