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Wednesday 8 March 2017

Last year I featured a beautiful pastel blue diner shirt by Campbell Crafts on the blog and now I have another wonderful shirt plus a dress to show you today!

Look 1

Navy/Pink Diner Shirt - c/o Campbell Crafts
Gingham Trousers - Collectif
Shoes - c/o Charlie Stone Shoes

I have been wanting to feature these pieces for ages however the location I had planned to use had shut down and the beautiful American diner mural had been painted over, I was devastated as the location was a bit out of my way and it was always so cute. But I am happy to finally have this gorgeous shirt on the blog today as it is a great wardrobe retro for any 50's style loving lady. 

Yes I have the gingham trousers on again and I did not intend for the styling to be similar but these are my favourite trousers and I think they look so good with Campbell Craft shirts. Both the shirt and the trousers are very comfortable to so why wouldn't I pair them together?!?

Look 2

Navy Pink Diner Dress - c/o Campbell Crafts
Belt - Op-Shop
Shoes - I Love Billy

For sizing I went with UK/8 for both the shirt & dress and love the fit, the shirt fits my measurements well and the size chart is rather accurate (click on additional information when viewing a garment). I love that Campbell Craft included a tie feature to the shirt for a cropped look as I love this type of look.

The dress is a little larger in the waist but my belt pulls it in nicely and the dress looks lovely on. This dress has such a full skirt and the fabric is so soft to wear. I very rarely wear petticoats but this dress would look amazing with one underneath so if you love petticoats I highly recommend this dress though it looks so elegant without one too. The bodice of the dress is very similar to the shirt minus the stripe of pink, so no matter what you go with both have their similarities and are a really great classic retro staple. 
I plan to wear this dress with a leather jacket and some stockings next time to layer it up for Autumn, I'm pretty excited for throwing jackets and coats over summer dresses and playing around with the styling a bit more. I also need to buy a pastel pink and blue beret because that could be cute with this dress and many other things. CiCi is the beret queen and always makes me excited to wear them and inspires me to add more colours to my collection. I currently have a red, black and grey beret... More to come I say!

Now that Autumn is starting to kick in I will be pairing this blouse with jeans and cardigans as I like to wear shirts and blouses in the cooler months. 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Navy and pink is a lovely and often overlooked colour combination. Both pieces look good quality. Nice sleeves on the blouse. I like your thinking about berets. I have 3 but always look out for other colours! Xx

  2. The beret queen - I'll take that ;) They're so cheap it's silly not to have one in every colour, really! A pink one would look so cute with that dress. I actually really love the first look - you wouldn't think to put pink gingham trousers with that shirt but it's actually perfect. I hear you with the location woes - it's such a pain when you have the perfect idea and it just doesn't come to be. Although sometimes we get there in the end, like me with those darn beach huts!! x

  3. I've never heard of Campbell Crafts, but I'm loving that top and dress! You look absolutely adorable in both of them. I'll definitely be taking a look at their wares!

    xo, Helene

  4. Both a wonderful outfits on you, I love shirt style dresses! Thanks for the review! :)

  5. waow! love these outfits! and the pics are a work of art, love the carousel!

  6. Love the piping and puff sleeves on the blouse and the dress is just darling! A light pink and blue beret on you would be so cute! I know how those are your favorite colors and I think that would be just so cute to see them on you! <3 That's a bummer about them painting over the mural! :(

  7. Contrast piping, be still my beating heart! Looking lovely as ever!


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