Pastel Diner

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Wearing the sweetest pastel diner shirt with my favourite trousers!

Blue 1950's Diner Shirt - c/o Campbell Crafts
Daisy May Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Bonnie Trousers in Pink Gingham - Collectif Clothing
Shoes - Wittner

During the last couple of months I have worn many combinations of pink gingham and pastel blue, this has quickly become one of my favourite combinations to wear. At first I was going to wear this gorgeous diner shirt with jeans and then I thought hey girl, put the gingham trousers on, you know you want to. I'm glad I did put this combo together because I felt pretty damn happy in it!

I have always loved bowling, though I have not been for a year or more, so next time I get the chance to go I will be wearing this shirt... It even comes with a little bowling pin brooch attached to the collar, the yellow piping is also a lovely detail. I went with size 8 and as someone who can be picky with the fit of blouses it is safe to say that this one fits well and looks great on. This is a full shirt though I have seen lots of gorgeous girls tying their CC blouses at the bottom for a cropped style and it seemed too look just right with these trousers. I'd love to wear it with swing trousers and my favourite pair of jeans next time.

Along with their house brand Campbell Crafts also stocks a lot of my favourite brands and accessories, which is always a good thing (or bad for my wallet). I also had to add this photo of George at the end, I like to think that we were giving each other a high five for a sunny Sunday. It has just started raining and is forecast to rain all week, time to get the umbrella and raincoat out! 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Super outfit - I do love pastel shades!

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  3. You look amazing in pink gingham and pastel blue! Love those colour combination, too.


  4. A very cute outfit, I love soft pink and baby blue together! Those trousers have to be my favorites, I really need to buy them for myself :)

  5. Love this blouse, so cute yet stylish! Goes so well with those pants too! xo

  6. What a sweetie pie you are in this pastel look! Fabulous. I have those trousers in plain black. x

  7. I love vintage bowling shirts, but sometimes they get a bit whiffy from all the bowling people did in them! It's great to see a repro brand put out something as casual, comfortable, and cute as this top. I'm absolutely in love with the pants as well, they're really adorable on you.

  8. Ha, love the cat photo! I have this shirt style in a different colourway from this shop, and I find it fun to wear although it's quite difficult to pair with things as such bright colours! I think I should have perhaps gone for one this colour, as baby blue is so versatile... but then I'd totally lose the novelty of the fact it's got my blogger initials on, which just happen to be the same as the shop's :D

  9. That high fiving photo is endlessly cute and put the biggest smile on my face. :)

    Very pretty outfit! I love a great diner inspired garment, too.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. What a fun look! Super cute and cheeky. Love the idea of tying it at the waist to make it shorter, totally works with these gingham beauties!

  11. Love this outfit and love this shirt on you! The shirt pairs so well with the gingham trousers and I love these colors together. You wore the top perfectly! Thanks for the tip about tying it at the bottom. I would have never thought to do that with a top! Also that is so awesome that this top came with the bowling pin! It's a fun touch! Also, that pic of you with your cat in the end is everything! Love it!



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