A Floral Jumpsuit and Golden Autumn Leaves

Saturday 21 May 2016

Wearing a floral jumpsuit amongst the golden Autumn leaves for an afternoon out...

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury Floral Siren Suit - c/o Rock n Romance
1940's Brass Necklace - Lantana Vintage

It was another lovely sunny day yesterday and I was out with Max in the afternoon. I was super happy to be out in this suit and ditched the cardigan within 15 minutes of being outside. 

I wore the Siren Suit in the dog print September last year so I was excited to add another one of these to my wardrobe. They are easy to wear and you feel like you could be in your pyjamas because it is just so damn comfy with it's soft and silky rayon fabric! I wear size 8 in these suits and love the fit, the hems are quite long but I can still get away with wearing flats, though I do like my platforms with jumpsuits. The suit simply zips up at the front and ties up with the attached waistband. I love how effortless jumpsuits and maxi dresses are and I have welcomed more and more into my wardrobe over the past year.

My vintage 40's brass necklace was the perfect accessory to go with this gorgeous floral print and the golden leaves of Autumn. The leaves have taken a bit longer than usual to change to their rich hues but as you can see in the last photo I am pretty excited about the arrival of the Autumn leaves along the streets and in parks.

I currently have Kitty sleeping on my lap and sharing my dressing gown, I need to pin-curl my hair and get to bed soon... Sunday awaits. Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Such a gorgeous jumpsuit! It suits you so well!!
    And I really love the necklace.


  2. What an amazing jumpsuit!! Gorgeous photos too!

    xo, Jo

  3. Oh I love this Jumpsuit on you, awesome photos as well! I've been eyeing of a jumpsuit like this for a while actually! :)

  4. Oh to rock a jumpsuit like you do! I don't think I have the leg length to pull them off quite so well, but I've accepted this and will just gaze in awe when people look uber glamorous in them :D

  5. love this look so much!


  6. Swoon! Such a perfect Autumn outfit! <3 I love the shoes you are wearing too! So cute! That sounds so amazing that that you say this jumpsuit feels like you're wearing pajamas. It definitely do NOT look like pajamas! This jumpsuit is so fabulous on you! I may just have to add this to my wishlist now! <3

  7. You always rock jumpsuits and this is no exception! You look wonderful! But it's so jarring being in different hemispheres and seeing leaves like this, haha!! XO

  8. Chic magnificence across the board - very much including those awesome mustard hued shoes. This is such a fun, exciting look for fall.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Fantastic siren suit! I love that they were originally worn during the war for evenings spent in bomb shelters. Easy to wear and very effortless. Brilliant that your shoes match the autumnal colours of the glorious leaves.

  10. Stunning! Love this floral jumpsuit :-)


  11. Smashing jumpsuit on you. Glad to hear the hem is long, might actually fit me!! I have been toying with ordering one of these for a while. Such nice photos, isn't Autumn when it's sunny the most fabulous season? x

  12. Amazing siren costume! I adore that they were designed for evenings spent in bomb shelters during WWII. Easy to wear and very effortless. Brilliant that your shoes match the autumnal colours of the glorious leaves.

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