The River

Thursday 19 May 2016

Another very delayed post from my visit to New Zealand in January... Wearing a 1950s swimsuit for what was a very relaxing afternoon spent in the river close to my Aunt and Grandmother's house.

1950s Swimsuit - ebay
Skirt - Bernie Dexter

I have always wanted to swim in the river near my Grandparents house and whilst on a walk at the park with my Aunty, her dog Sophie and my mum I could see the river with pathways hiding amongst the trees... I said that we have to finally go swimming in the river once we have returned from our road trip to see relatives in Hamilton. 

There were a few really hot days which was just like being at home and that was the perfect excuse to get ourselves down for a swim. I told my Grandma that we were going to jump in the river for a cool down and she clutched her blouse closer and said "goodness, really?" which made me giggle because she looked so sweet and unsure as I claimed it would be a much better option than the public pool (which was very busy). 

I hadn't worn this original 1950s swimsuit until the river swim and although it was in quite good condition the river really gave it a good clean. It had some general vintage marks on it and after my swim it looked so much better! I just wore my stay on red lipstick because that is like a second skin for me and how could I not wear my red lippy with this beautiful swimsuit?! My swimsuit was a very lucky $20 bargain which I was very happy about when I first bought it.

I bought a remote for my camera before our visit and I set it up for a quick group snap, which is one of our favourite photos together now. The fresh mountain water did wonders for our hair, skin and we felt like we just left natures day spa, ha. It was really really lovely after wanting to jump in the river the past two trips. Sophie the dog had fun dipping her feet and trying to catch the tiny fish rushing past her. 

I may have one or two photo sets from my trip so I will eventually blog them too!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. You look stunning in this gorgeous swimsuit! I bought a super cheap vintage bikini from the 50s lately, unfortunately it is ways too cold here in Germany to wear it, so I have to wait until summer...

    I would love to see more photos from your trip so please blog them too!


  2. I love the group photo here, too! It's so casual and lovely. What a delightful day, cooling down! =D

  3. I love love the swim suite, as well as the group photo and of course the poodle

  4. That place looks very beautiful, swimming in natural waters is much better choice than any pool. Much friendlier for swimsuits as well! That water looks very shallow though, I don't know how you managed to swim in it. I'd prefer a good 1-3 m deep water, although I do love to sit in the water and just play around! :)

    That swimsuit is also very pretty. I love the ruching at back, it's so flattering!

    1. The river is deeper just a bit further up but after a proper dip we sat in the shallow area for the rest of our time there :) Thank you x

  5. You look awesome! Green really suits you and I love that Bernie skirt bc I have the dress version haha. Awesome pic with the remote too! XO

  6. Gorgeous! I adore that shade of earthy green and think it takes to swimwear superbly. That really looks like a relaxing, wonderful river and great spot to pass a few leisurely hours.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Not only are these photos amazing but it also looks and sounds like you had such an amazing time out relaxing at the river! I love picturing Sophie playing with the fish. That is so adorable too the story about the conversation you had with your grandmother! I would agree wholeheartedly though that a dip in the river sounds so much nicer than going out to the crowded public pool! I love the vintage swimsuit you wore! Looks great on and and wow, such an awesome find at only $20! Looking forward to seeing more photo sets from your trip to New Zealand!

  8. I love road trips to the lake or river in the summer. Love your pictures, you look gorgeous :-)


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