The last Swimsuit of Summer

Saturday 28 April 2018

It's already Autumn but we are only just starting to feel the cool weather now, so here is the last one on the blog until that hot weather returns!

 Photos by mum

Outfit Details

This is officially my last swim post for the season, Autumn weather is starting to settle in and after these photos were taken it poured with rain so we ran to the car but it was so fun, I love running through the rain and I love swimwear so I was feeling pretty happy (especially since we managed to get some photos without risking my camera). 

This cut out design is sassy and has some great nautical vibes with the gorgeous stripes. I haven't tried a cut out swimsuit like this before but I am glad that I have now, it is really gorgeous and a little bit different. I always love swimsuits that are quite a simple design but with the detail of say a cut out like this one it just makes it a bit more interesting and fun. My usual size small in UV swim is again a wonderful fit and it felt nice and supportive. UV have a lot of different styles, colours and cuts in their swimwear range which is great because it's nice to have choice when shopping for swimwear. Like my last UV post (here) the swimsuit I featured had a lot of alternative pieces to what I featured.

I made my way to the sewing store today and bought fabric + patterns (yes more haha), they were having a pretty great sale and I picked up some things on clearance that I have been wanting so it was a very worthwhile visit. A trip to the sewing store is my happy place and then I get a little bit hyped up because I have so much fun in these stores lol!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Great shots! The lido background is really interesting. Is it really too cold to swim now? I always recall Australia as being perpetually warm (or at least warm enough seeming to us Brits!). I hope your autumn and winter is short so that you can get back on the beach soon xx

  2. I love the unusual shape of this swimsuit - although I imagine you’d have to be pretty careful with the sun cream to avoid some interesting tan lines! I wish UV swimwear was more accessible here because it’s all so fantastic. We’re still waiting for spring to start over here and I have so many cute maternity summer pieces I can’t wear - but I don’t think an outdoor swim is on the cards for me during this pregnancy!! x

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