29 Weeks

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Top - Tigerlily
Skirt - Bonds

Week 29 and as I write this I'm only a couple of days of way from week 30! 

This week I have been exhausted more than usual with bursts of energy thank goodness because I'm still working four days a week and have been doing more around the house as we prepare for this bub. 

Her movements have been the strongest they have ever been, at times I can really feel her feet or hands pushing against me. It is surreal but also such an amazing feeling.  She woke me up with her kicks at 4am this morning, I couldn't sleep for a while so got up and had some cereal since I was hungry and then eventually went back to sleep but she kept on dancing in there for a while.

Good news the nursery is pretty much done apart from hanging some of the art and then we can put the pram together soon (which you can see in it's box behind me), I'm excited to get that out and push it around the house haha!

I was meant to take photos when I was out with mum today, we picked up the nursing chair and had lunch by the beach. I left my usual sd card in my computer and the other two cards in my camera bag were faulty... Ahh not meant to be. But I was tired and ready to go anyway haha! I didn't want to not take my weekly photos with the camera so took these portraits and you can probably tell I'm exhausted but at least I did it lol.

Something else I did experience this week was having hot flushes, well technically one last week. My body gets so hot at times and then I start to feel a bit light headed if I don't cool down straight away. Was a bit of a concern when I was on my way to work and driving, lucky it started just as I was about to enter the work carpark and I just sat in my air conditioning and got on with the day. I just have to keep hydrated and keep the nutrients up. 

Not much else to report, I'm basically just getting more tired, still hungry all the time and thankful I started nesting/deep cleaning the house weeks ago because it's finished now. THANK GOODNESS! 

I'm going to bed!

Kayla x


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