30 Weeks

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Photos - Max's mum

Dress and Dress/Jacket - Tigerlily
Hat - Piper
Shoes - Porronet 

30 weeks, oh my gosh! It sounds like we are really in the home stretch now! Also yay for my husband Max making an appearance on the blog! So happy to get some more cute photos together to remember this time in our lives. 

As you can probably tell, this bump just keeps growing which is fantastic and I'm still trying to put together cute but comfy outfits on my day off. 

For the most part of the week, mainly my working part of the week my energy levels have been quite high. But now I am exhausted after a somewhat busy couple of days off and pushing myself a little too much. Early night for me I think, that should restore my energy a bit - I hope since I'm back to work tomorrow. 

Baby girl continues to kick, push and dance the days away throughout the day. It really feels like we are communicating in a way, especially when her hand or foot presses against my hand resting on my stomach which is always a surreal and amazing feeling. Max gets to feel and watch her move all the time, she always perks up when he rubs my belly when we're having a cuddle. 

The main things to happen this week are the up and downs of my energy, lots of movement and to my excitement/surprise a tiny little bit of breast leakage! My next antenatal appointment is next Tuesday which will be good to check on things and of course hear her heartbeat again. 

I got a little light headed today in the heat, not a big enough breakfast and going to hard out on some blog photos at the beach. After a lay down, water and a feed I was fine but as I was trying to regain myself there she was kicking around and having a dance party, there is no stopping this little one haha!

I am aiming to write and start packing my hospital bag over the next fortnight so I better get onto that asap!

Kayla x


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