28 Weeks - Third Trimester

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Photos by Mum

Week 28 and wow we are in the third trimester. Pregnancy has felt both slow and fast, not long until we meet out new best friend!

Today I had a midwife appointment at the hospital, I started getting all hot and flustered in the car on the way there and then felt a bit light headed. Luckily mum drove and went to the appointment with me. I got some fresh air and laid on a bench and after five minutes I felt better. I think I was just feeling a bit tired and anxious, especially since the week before I took my glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes and another blood test they required.

All was fine, I don't have gestational diabetes and all of levels from my blood test are great. I got to hear her heartbeat again, it was quite cute as she had the hiccups during the appointment which the midwife pointed out as she checked the heartbeat. I have a negative blood type so require an anti-d injection for a couple of my appointments - in short it is a preventative measure if mine and the baby's blood types mix - this prevents my blood cells from attacking the baby's blood. My stomach was also measured too and my blood pressure is always recorded. Thankfully all was looking good and I had a lovely midwife too. 

After my hospital appointment mum and I drove to the beach for a walk, lunch and a frolic in my bikini on the beach. The sun was so warm, a great first day of spring though I didn't end up swimming the water was still a bit too chilly... Hopefully next time. The sun felt great on my skin and it was fun to snap some photos, I haven't taken that many of my bare stomach because I seem to forget at times so this was a good excuse. 

After the beach we quickly popped into the shops, I bought some frames for some of the nursery art I have purchased, got some dinner ingredients for tacos and then picked up some fruit from the fruit and veg shop. Particularly wanted to go here as they seem to be the only store with mangoes at the moment and I have been craving fresh mangoes for months I had about four last week and just bought another four. This pregnant woman is very happy to have her mangoes!

How am I feeling? In general I'm in good health but no joke as soon as I hit week 28 I became sooo exhausted! The second trimester energy/high seems to have come to an end and the third trimester is already quite tiring though I am still working... And growing a baby so I'm doing a lot haha. My bump has gotten much bigger the past couple of weeks and it's exciting to know that this bub is growing strong. This morning I felt and saw some of her biggest movements so far, it was very exciting and surreal to watch her move like that. 

Her nursery is starting to really take shape, we have most furniture, I just need to buy a nursing chair. I hate rocking chairs they make me feel a bit nauseous but I have something in mind. I am also trying to decide on a rug for the room. Max has been great with lots of flatpacks lately, I hate them even though I'm never the one building them haha. I can't wait to share photos of the nursery eventually! 

Well I am going to get ready for bed soon, I am so tired and have work tomorrow!

Kayla x


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