27 Weeks

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Photos by Mum

27 weeks growing this special little baby of ours and on Thursday it will be the third trimester - surreal! 

Monday and Tuesday are generally my days off from work each week and I had a couple of things I really had to get done. 

Yesterday I had to go to pathology for a blood test and also the blood glucose tolerance test (this tests for gestational diabetes). Almost everyone I have spoken to and many of the mums in some of the Facebook groups I am in have said it's the worst and they end up feeling like crap after. I think I was mainly dreading the fasting aspect. Mum went along with me and she did the driving for this one (I hate driving on an empty stomach),  mum picked me up so we could get there early and I could start at 9am. 

I made sure to have a meal that usually sustains me the night before which was a pasta bake with chicken and broccoli and I think that helped me. You have to drink a really sugary drink at the start of the test, my particular one was two hours so they draw your blood at the start, middle and end. The sugary drink was fine, the one they gave me was like drinking flat lemonade and you're allowed to drink water during the two hours which I was relieved about. I had no reception in the hospital so I was very thankful to have mum there to keep me company and distracted, we just had a good chat the whole time and it didn't seem that long. I think if I had to do this test during my first trimester I would have struggled as I was really ill from my morning sickness. Hopefully the results come back fine but at least it's done now!

Today I had to get my whooping cough vaccine, I was going to wait for next weeks midwife appointment but considering my best friend is going to have her baby any day now and it takes two weeks to settle in I though I better do it today. So I have been jabbed five times in two days but good thing I'm not afraid of needles, I feel for those who are or didn't have a good time during the glucose tolerance test.

I managed to get a walk in the park with mum and the dogs this morning too, it was nice and quiet and there was lots of sun. We snapped a few quick photos in one of my favourite dresses (which I just fit my bump into) and I got the cutest slinky knit Tigerlily dress in the mail today too. Maybe I'll wear that out next week and get some photos too for my next bump date.

I'm still sorting around the house and we are still working on the nursery. I ordered a beautiful tallboy for her nursery, my mum has some pieces from this particular range and I always go to her house and just stare at her beautiful furniture so I can't wait for this piece to arrive on Thursday! I'm still looking for the perfect nursing chair, I don't like rocking chairs they make me feel sick sitting in them haha and then the last major thing will be a rug for the room. But it is already a special room which I can't wait to spend time in. I bought some beautiful art prints from some local artists for the nursery too which we will have the frame.

Max continues to be super excited talking to our lil girl each day and imagining himself holding her. Our whole family is very excited and they are so good for listening to me all the time because all I can do is talk about baby this and baby that haha.

I'm still in general feeling in good health, some days I'm more tired but I'm still working and on my feet most days and then on my days off I usually have something to do though I do try to get some rest time in too.

Kayla x


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