25 Weeks

Friday 14 August 2020


How is it 25 weeks already? (I'm writing this a little late, I'm 26 weeks now).

I have been continuing my nesting and cleaning phase like crazy. My energy levels are still pretty good though I think with work and sorting through things at home caught up with me and I have been feeling a bit more drained of energy the past couple of days so I have taken it easy by just lounging around at home. I look pretty tired in these photos, which is true.

Tomorrow my brother and his girlfriend are coming over to help us start turning our second bedroom into a nursery, something that I have been really looking forward to. There are still things we need to buy but it will be good to get started and fun to start putting the room together. 

Baby girl wakes me up at 4 or 5am some mornings with her kicks and dances, I then feel hungry and can't sleep for a while. Though I just get up for some cereal, go to the toilet, pop my electric blanket back on and I usually doze back off to sleep. I can't complain though, it's always a comforting feeling to feel those kicks and know that she's doing well. I always love when Max puts his hands on my tummy and gets to feel them too. 

I don't have much more to say, to be honest after work and eating a delicious roast dinner I feel like I could just fall asleep right now and I hear my bed calling my name. 

Kayla x


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