23 Weeks

Saturday 1 August 2020

Photos by Max

I have began my nesting phase of the pregnancy, I have torn the house apart and our storage unit in the garage. Clothes and accessories are everywhere as I either store, sell or donate them. It's not a fun job but I will be relieved when it's over. 

We bought our cot and change table which explains the nesting, I am excited to turn our second room into a nursery, we also have our pram. I am resisting the urge to pull everything out of the box, I just have to wait until the sorting is done and the room is ready with more room once we pack current things away. 

I've still been feeling really good with plenty of energy, though tired at the end of a work day of course. The bump is keeps getting bigger each week and I am amazed every week, so is Max. I keep feeling her movements and kicks, she has given me a few slightly harder kicks lately which I have welcomed. Max is always resting his hand on my tummy when we watch tv or lay in bed which is sweet, it's especially nice when he can feel her. 

I haven't had any unusual cravings and have been eating well with the odd bit of chocolate since I can never resist it. 

It has been fun making sure we snap some photos each week to always remember my bump and our baby growing! 

I'm off to do some more sorting and then finally have a rest on the couch. Here's a bonus lil video of the bump - week 23.

Kayla x

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