22 Weeks

Friday 24 July 2020

22 weeks with baby girl has involved feeling more movement with a few harder kicks, sometimes I wake up at 5am to feel her moving and it keeps me up but it's an exciting feeling to finally be feeling her move these past couple of weeks. Sometimes I need to get up and having a little snack like cereal before I can fall asleep again because I get so hungryyyyy!

Second trimester is still great so far and I'm having no issues work my full day shifts and being on my feet all day, though I do look forward to laying on the couch after work.

Max and I are going to look at cots, prams and other baby stuff tomorrow after our cheeky trip to pick up some doughnuts from a new local store. We've been so good all week so we are really going to enjoy this haha!

I only just squeezed into this swimsuit but liked how it shows the bump so snapped some photos in it for this weeks bump date, thanks to Max for taking a couple for me. Though this swimsuit was squashing my boobs and pretty tight haha! I had to quickly take them before leaving for work. I shouldn't be buying regular sized swimwear right now, let along in winter. But it was cute and on clearance... And if you've followed me for a while you would know that I love swimwear.

I will finally start antenatal appointments at the hospital early august, I have been seeing my gp for most of my pregnancy though it seems like the hospital has been rather busy in the maternity ward so my appointments there are starting a little later which I haven't been too worried about.

I definitely feel like I'm starting to nest around the house, I'm selling and donating things I no longer need and looking at all the things we do need for our baby, it's an exciting time and still a bit surreal to be on this journey!

Kayla x 

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