It's a Girl!

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Yesterday we had our anatomy scan at 19 weeks and 5 days, yes that means we are basically half way already! That is so wild!

We decided to find out the gender early on in the pregnancy, years ago I though one day when we decide to have a baby I'll wait until birth but then Max voiced how he would love to know and make even more of a connection to the baby during the pregancy and it just seemed right for us. 

We would have been happy with either gender and are so thankful to be growing a healthy baby but Max predicted early on that it would be a girl which he was over the moon about, he was pretty keen to be a girl dad for our first child. We found out during our ultrasound which was how we always planned to, with the comfort of knowing this baby girl is growing healthy and measuring up perfectly for my due date.

I have been putting away gender neutral clothes for a while because I love all natural tones and I've also been collecting May Gibbs Gumnut Babies clothes even before I was pregnant. I did come across a great sale on super cute baby girl outfits today and got so excited I had to buy some. 

I'll update on the second trimester so far in my next post but it's has been treating me a lot better than first trimester that's for sure. I think my bump has popped a the past few days, it shows pretty well in photos but apparently I don't look pregnant to people when out or about or at work (especially with my blazer over top), I think I will be requesting a size up in my uniform soon though to accommodate this bump. 

Max and I are going to continue to soak up the love about baby Sprinkle, now we can start brainstorming some names as we only ever had one name that was certain for a boy - we'll save that one!

Kayla x

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