19 weeks

Friday 3 July 2020

Photos - Max

Dress - Local Shop
Coat - c/o Review Australia

Last Saturday Max and I went to the beach for brunch and a walk, I was 19 weeks here and my tummy was looking a little bigger after my delicious meal... Though now at 20 weeks it has popped some more all within a week (see last post).

In person I still apparently look quite small in person with a more shapely bump rather than looking like I just ate a big lunch. I have occasionally been feeling more flutters but still waiting for the kicks, they will come soon enough. My energy levels have been great, I've been feeling really healthy and haven't been experiencing any light headness (thank goodness) so I have been driving my car again the past month and getting on with work and other things pretty normally again YAY.

Since my last blog post and as of a few days ago when we found out that we're having a baby girl I've already bought her a bunch of beautiful clothes and it was so much fun! I sense a lot of matchy mummy and me looks coming since some of the outfits are very similar to things I already wear haha! But now I need to start buying more essential onsies and singlets since we will be heading into hot weather once bub arrives!

One of my favourite things throughout my pregnancy so far is just how in love and excited Max is everyday and how he loves watching my body change and bump grow just as much as I do. Oh and the fact that he has spoken to my tummy since first finding out that I was pregnant.

I had a busy work day and now I think I am going to make my way to bed. I can't wait to sleep!

Kayla x

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