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Saturday, 30 July 2022

Abigail Dolly Mixture Check Dress - c/o Emily and Fin

Shoes - c/o Charlie Stone Shoes (a few years ago)

Jumper - Old ( I think I've had it for five years)

Another dress from one of my all time favourite brands, Emily and Fin. Checks make me think of winter even though this dress is nice and lightweight for the warmer weather. I have been layering it with chunky knitwear and the winter sun has been so lovely lately anyway (I also find my body runs pretty hot and I get so warm chasing my toddler around that being to snug is not ideal for me these days). 

I'm wearing size 10 again which is another perfect fit for my frame, I love the fit on the middle of the bodice and the slightly lower back. The colourful check print is what really caught my attention as it is such a nice combination of colours when I've really only had red/black or white/black check prints in the past. I always love a bit of colour in my wardrobe and these colours make me feel happy.

My daughter loves to watch me twirl around for the 5 mins or so (sometimes less) I have to take the occasional blog photos these days, she then likes to copy me and twirls around... It is soooo cute. I can't get over just how cute she is, she is full of personality now and I love it. 

This is another great dress I see myself wearing plenty of times over the years like lots of my previous Emily and Fin dresses, it's just so easy to pop on and rush out of the door. Believe me, I don't have much time to choose an outfit these days so having pieces like this makes my decisions a little easier and I can look cute when I need to get out of my trackies or house clothes to go to the park or pop into the shops.

Kayla xo

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  1. such a lovely dress and beautiful pictures! xx


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