Glebe, Sydney.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

This week I've been very busy interning at Shop Til You Drop magazine and I am loving it! 

I am only a hour and fifteen minute train trip away from Sydney so I know the city reasonably well (and the fact that I was born there). However, I am staying with my uncle in Glebe just to make the week easier. 

If I get a job in Sydney soon (hopefully editorial) I won't mind the commute as I'm used to it as I traveled to Newcastle a few times a week during my degree.

I have been doing jobs around the office such as organizing magazines, getting coffee for the wonderful staff, organizing storage cupboards, researching topics for future articles and sourcing old issues of magazines. I was very happy to get a giant pile of current magazines when I was sent down to another level of the building to help out! 

My uncle and I went for a walk around Glebe to see beautiful water views and all the happy dogs out running around. I am happy that I have managed to take some photos today - by the time I get home it's too dark, however, I got a 30 minute early mark today so I rushed out quickly to catch the bus home. 

I have two more days of my internship - however I am hoping  can line up some more (even with another publication in the building)... I am having so much fun and this opportunity has really confirmed that I really want to work in this industry. 

I hope that I will have time to visit the Glebe markets on Saturday! 

P.s. sorry that I haven't commented on everyone's posts or responded on my previous blog posts! I have been so busy (as you can tell)!


  1. Wonderful! You are so sweet :)

  2. I love the houses you photographed for this post! It looks like a really interesting area, and I'm glad you're enjoying your internship :)

  3. You look so lovely! Great shirt <3

  4. What a lovely blouse you are wearing!

    1. Thank you, it's so nice a light and I adore the details! x

  5. What a gorgeous little outing you had! The waterfront is lovely.

  6. I love seeing scenes from Australia. This is high on my list of places to visit. When my parents were first married, they lived in Sydney. Keeping my fingers crossed for a permanent position for you:) Your blouse is perfectly beautiful, love it!

  7. congrats on the internship, i hope it's going well! commuting gets to be such a pain after a while so that's lucky you're able to stay with your uncle. hopefully you get another internship soon and definitely check out glebe markets if you can, you can find some great things there!

    little henry lee

  8. Interning at Shop! Awesome! I love Glebe - it was where I first discovered vintage (a vintage boy scouts uniform to be exact) we are having a pop up stall there in October - can't wait!
    Join our $150 dress giveaway!

  9. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    You look lovely as always, I adore your cute blouse and this pretty bag. You just always get it right, don’t you?

    Hope you have a fantastic day,


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