Graphic Pants and Big Hair

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Top - Collectif
Paris 60's Graphic Print Trousers - c/o Bright and Beautiful via Collectif
Jane Tote Bag - c/o Sun Jellies
Shoes - Wittner
Earrings - Vintage
Headscarf - Thrifted

Last time I featured Bright and Beautiful on the blog I wore the amazing Mariella Coat and this time I'm wearing these fabulous B&B pants which have such a great print. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to style them at first and then I decided for their first wear I would pair them with this Collectif top. I'll probably stick to wearing plain tshirts and halterneck tops with them as I like the focus on the graphic print, though I added yellow/mustard accessories to bring out the little bit of mustard on the pants. 

I am wearing my usual Collectif size 8 in these pants, however, these pants fit me well but are a bit tighter compared to my Collectif pants that I have in a similar style so if you are worried about the fit I suggest sizing up for B&B pants. Apart from that they are absolutely wonderful to wear, I seriously want the whole B&B collection. I have a dress that I will be featuring on the blog soon too. 

I have been wearing these shoes that I got from Christmas quite a lot lately, they are just so comfortable that I was even able to walk the dogs around the park when we took these photos. They are just so good!

Styling my hair for different eras has been a major a goal for myself this past year and I am really happy with the results. A few years ago I didn't bother too much because my hair is so thick, curly and crazy that it has a mind of it's own at times. Though I can happily say I am pleased with the results (most of them). 

Until next time!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. Those pants are gorgeous and so flattering on you! I also love how you styled your hair; I can definitely relate to the curly and crazy/mind of its own aspect of hair!

  2. So fantastic! Your way with 1960s styles is dreamy, chic and cool all the same time.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I think this is the best I've ever seen pants (tee hee, that word feels silly to my British tongue) look on just about anyone! I love the styling so much; cute, flirty and unmistakably you! Top marks ;) x

  4. What a cutie pants in cute pants! ;)

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I really love those pants with that Collectif top! I try so often to wear retro style fitted pants but I think I'm just too short waisted for them. They look amazing on though!

  6. Bright and beautiful indeed! These photos are really lively and your make-up and styling is just perfection. I do love the big 'do', how did you get your hair so big?! I'm just getting to grips with my new shorter hair, and it's been literally falling a bit flat for the past few days, so I need to get some oomph in there.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of sunshine - us Brits sorely need it right now! xx

  7. You have the BEST pant collection, I think I said that on your Instagram recently too, but I'll keep saying it! The 60s vibe is too cute!

  8. You do 60s better than anyone, lady!! XO

  9. That outfit from Collectif looks amazing on you, you really do rock the 60's style! :)

  10. Such a fun youthful look! I really love the mustard accessories picking out the colour from the print works really well. Slim capris are perfect for you!


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