Sunday 10 January 2016

You can never go wrong with a tropical dress by the beach!

Luau Dress - c/o Stop Staring
Shoes - Novo
Purse - 1950s Vintage
Parasol - Vintage
Bangles - Thrifted

Stop Staring is well known for their feminine silhouettes and wonderful range of 1940's and 1950's inspired designs. I have been a fan of Stop Staring dresses for a while now and already own a couple of them prior to this post.

I am used to their dresses which have stretch to the material, however, the Luau does not. I am wearing size small as I usually do for this brand and found this particular design to be a lot more form fitting with no give, it was a little loose on the bodice and a little tighter on my bottom half, though it still has the classic shape that Stop Staring is so great at creating. I wear xs in some of their other styles so I am glad that I did go with the small. This is an amazing dress and I love the colourway, it's the perfect dress for going out to dinner and spending evenings by the beach during summer.

And now with my regular comments on the weather... The rain stopped a few days ago and the warm weather is back so I will be hopefully hitting the beach today or tomorrow for a dip. I am continuing to organise and complete all of those last necessary things for before I go away and am scheduling posts for the blog. I can't wait!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. Oh wow I love love this dress on you! :) All those accessories too are so on point! My favorite pinup theme is Hawaiian/tropical/tiki. xo

  2. Stunning. I knew it was a high quality dress as soon as I saw it - the length below the knee, the detail on the bodice. There are so many tropical dresses around in vintage repro but I am yet to find the perfect one for me! You look wonderful x

  3. Omg Kayla! You always look so fabulous! I love the parasol you paired with it. I haven't tried Stop Staring yet but I am dying to, their dresses always seem like they're amazing quality!

  4. This works so well together. The dress is obviously stunning, but the shoes and parasol really finish it off!


  5. Esse vestido é simplesmente lindo e elegante, perfeito para um dia de sol. Muito lindo
    Casa Cherry

  6. As I said on Instagram, this is absolutely stunning and quite possibly one of my favourite looks of yours! Which is really saying something, as I love them all. You look unbelievably gorgeous! x

  7. So gorgeous on you Kayla! I love all the accessories you paired it with! So perfect!

  8. Such a super sexy dress! You seriously can't ever go wrong with a tropical dress! Even if it's a cold miserable day like it is here in London today, your tropical print has lifted my spirits!!! Loving the paper parasol!

  9. Seriously alluring ensemble. There is sooo much old school glam and charm at work in this va-va-voom tropic print frock. Beautiful outfit and photos, sweet dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. You look like such a vixen! This dress is fabulous on you, and I love how you've kept the tropical theme with the wicker back and the little umbrella. Very cute.

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