Sea Garden Bikini and Beach Hair

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Thinking back to a sunny day as now it is nothing but rain!

Sea Garden Bikini - c/o Banjo & Cake
Sunglasses - Pared Eyewear
Dahlia Tote - c/o Sun Jellies

These photos are from early December and the weather was perfect for swimming... This week we are experiencing non-stop heavy rain to the point of flooding in some areas! Leo is barking at me as I write this post because he is fed up with the weather (so are Fifi and Kitty) and a walk in our raincoats is not enough so I will be playing fetch inside with him after I finish writing this post.

This bikini is so cute, I love all of the little details from the bow on the bikini top to the frills on the bottoms. The sea garden print is already a favourite as I own the skirt in the same print (see post here). The material seems quite durable and should last me many summers which is always important. These bikini bottoms have nice coverage and they are also a modest cut. When this rain finally stops I'll be at the beach in this bikini again!

My hair is pretty wild here, but it usually is like that when I go to the beach and it was a 40 minute walk before we go to this point. The dogs loved it, we all loved it!

I'm currently going back and fourth deciding on what I will be packing for holiday which is less than two weeks away now! I'm doing quite well and sticking to most of my originally planned outfits. I have been known to throw it all to the wind and change my mind when it comes to packing or only wear half the things I have in my suitcase. How are you when it comes to packing for a holiday?

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. Love the frill detail! Super cute. I wish my hair looked this good on the beach! We've had near constant rain for weeks now and I have so had enough of it. It's becoming a nightmare for outfit posts!! x

  2. Super cute swimsuit! I love the details, and the colour is so pretty on you! I hope the weather gets better soon!

  3. I can almost smell the sea, and feel the warmth of the sun and the spray on my skin! Well, almost - it's been very misty here today, a little eerie, and it has definitely turned colder.

    Enjoy your holiday!
    Whatever you think you need, pack less, that's my motto as I am a notorious over-packer!!

  4. You and the dogs get me every time! Gorgeous shots! I'm organically not the most organized human being on earth, so I actually set things aside way ahead of time so I am organized and ready to go with the right accessories, separates, and undergarments for when it's time to leave. Haha, being organized bc I'm not...sounds like a contradiction but oh-well. XO

  5. So wonderfully pretty! I just adore the classic silhouette of this suit. You just know that Marilyn would have sported it in a heartbeat, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love the print on this bathing suit. So cute. Also I love the pic of you playing with your dogs. Congrats on your vacation coming up! We also have a vacation coming up in 4 weeks! So exciting. As for vacation packing I usually make a list of things I want to bring but will wait until the night before to actually do the packing to keep things less wrinkly :) I've actually gotten quite good at packing and usually don't have anything packed that I didn't use as I like to pack light when traveling. I know all people are different packers though.

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  8. Super cute swimsuit! I love the little frills, they just add that little extra something :) Ooh how exciting about your upcoming holiday! I'm terrible at packing - I tend to throw everything I'd like to take into a pile, which ends up massive, then I slowly cut down on things which are less likely to be worn or don't match as many of the other things until I have a slightly smaller doesn't always work!

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