Teal Beaded Flapper Dream Dress

Saturday 16 January 2016

This Unique Vintage dress is something I have always dreamed of, from the perfect teal colour to the design of this beaded dress, it really is a special addition to my wardrobe. 

Outfit Details:
1920's Teal Beaded Flapper Dress - c/o Unique Vintage
Shoes - Target

Teal, turquoise, blue and green are some of my favourite colours to wear, so when I saw this dreamy teal beaded flapper dress I knew it would be perfect to kick off my Style Society posts for Unique Vintage. I am so excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity!

Beaded flapper dresses may seem quite extravagant, well I guess they are but I am always drawn towards them for the way they move, they way they feel and the fact that they are like wearing art. I am also looking forward to layering this dress with coats in winter and styling it differently. It was a hot day when these photos were taken and I was heating up with some dancing and found the dress to be nice and breathable despite the temperature. 

For this particular style I am wearing size small which has a bit of extra room in the waist and is what I prefer when wearing 20's style clothing. This creates an authentic feel to the garment and allows comfort for movement, and of course dancing which is very important to me. The dress is sheer so if you are thinking about ordering one of these fabulous dresses be sure to grab a flapper slip from Unique Vintage and check out the rest of the 20's range on offer.

I always have to dance when I'm wearing a beaded flapper dress and so I filmed a short video to show just how magical the dress looks. I had quite a few people turn a corner to find some random girl dancing... I hope they enjoyed it haha. 

Well I am off to New Zealand on Monday and will be away for just under a fortnight so I apologise now for not being able to read and comment on your blog posts and respond to you here. My Grandmother doesn't have an internet connection at her house though she has always wished me good luck with "internet venture" so I will be using wifi when I can + will be on a bit of a roadtrip the first week to see some more of my relatives. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@gracefullyvintage) as I will be uploading photos there (thanks if you already are). I have plenty of scheduled blog posts, so it will seem like I haven't even left. 

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. I love 20's style. Where did you shoot the film? It's a perfect setting.

  2. Wowza !!!! I love it!!!! The video is so good!!! I think you just have to dance in a dress like that, how could you not! The way it moves is hypnotising!!!

  3. This dress is perfect! I love the cut and the colours, the backdrop is perfect too!


  4. I love the video. That dress moves so beautifully! You look utterly gorgeous.

  5. This dress is incredible - and you look simply incredible in it! Made for you, much?! The fringing really adds that extra edge - it's quite common to see fringing or beading, but rarer to see both on one dress. Stunning - and the video is perfect x

  6. Be still my beating heart! This is what I call the perfect dress for a person! It looks like you were born to wear it! Just beautiful! And your dancing moves are something to admire also!

  7. This dress is gorgeous! The beading is so splendid, and I love the way the fringe moves in the video you posted! Fabulous.

  8. This look is stunning on you! Kx

  9. Wow this dress is totally stunning, love the 20's look on you! Awesome photos!! :)

  10. Same here! I could teal, green and turquoise amongst my top five favourite colours.

    What a stunning dress. The way the light dances on its shimmery surface is just magical!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Gorgeous dress on you and you've got such great dance moves! Have fun on your trip! New Zealand is one of my favorite countries!

  12. Way to Charleston, sis!!

  13. Love your look!
    1920s Vintage Clothing is my favourite era...
    Cant wait to read more from your blog
    Emma x

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