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Monday, 14 March 2016

Damn Kayla, back at it again with the nautical outfit! That video makes me laugh everytime haha!

This outfit by Vivien of Holloway is a total dream come true and these trousers have arrived at the perfect time as slowly head into Autumn.

After feeling a bit run down these past couple of weeks I headed to the shops recently to buy the essentials + have a little bit of retail therapy. I buy mostly all of my clothing online however I came across these sunglasses at a shop I always walk past because it's a bit too trendy for me. I love the way they look with this nautical outfit. When I really like something (e.g. sunglasses or a good bra) I am always tempted to go back and buy another one, just incase you know, they break or something and then they don't sell them anymore. I don't do this for everything of course, but sometimes it has to be done.

I love gypsy tops and have been pretty keen to try a VoH one for sometime, I went for this classic full length version which is great for tucking in to trousers or wearing untucked too. I am wearing size small and love the fit + the details! 

I love how roomy these trousers are whilst still having a beautiful tailored look to them, these were the perfect length on arrival and I was so happy that I didn't have to alter them which I have done for almost all off the pairs of swing trousers I bought last winter (I'm 5'5"). It doesn't bother me because I can do it myself though I have a growing alteration pile, it was nice to just iron these and be on my way. How cute are the side buttons and the anchor embroidery!?

I was lucky enough to try two sizes to ensure I was happy with the fit. I tried the 24" and the 26" trousers, whilst both fit I found the 24" a bit too tight, this girl has a booty so I had to take that into consideration. The 26" won me over with it's comfort and the fact that I can tuck in tops, thick cardigans and jumpers into these trousers with ease.

When you got to jump you jump, I was feeling pretty darn happy on Saturday! Probably because I did some online shopping before these photos were taken, oh and I was enjoying the fresh air at my favourite place.

Shoes - Target
Sunglasses - Gloss
Necklace - Vintage

This is the first time I have tried VoH clothing and I am super impressed, it's made in the UK and the material is really great quality and the production is top notch. I really want to add more of their trousers to my wardrobe + try some of their skirts and tops. They have fab dresses too, I'm on the VoH bandwagon now.

I have already pictured many different outfit combinations in my head with other tops and cardigans to wear with these trousers. Can't wait to try them!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. I love this whole look on you, I'm looking forward to wearing my swing trousers too, when it starts getting cooler! Adore those sunnies too! :)

    1. Thank you Camilla, I love seeing your trousers styled throughout winter! x

  2. I wish I look as good as you when I wear trousers. These are simply fabulous!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I find these trousers to be really well tailored with a great fit which always helps! :) x

  3. Super cute!! You always kill it with the nautical outfits! I'm loving the style of pants. Also you look so much taller than 5'4 in your photos, I never would have thought!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I think I'm actually 5'5 but still pretty short, haha :P I need to measure my height again! x

  4. I love this! I've been eyeing a bunch of trousers like this from Vivian O'Halloway! You do nautical better than anyone! XO

  5. Your nautical inspired looks suit you so well, though! No reason not to come back to that well when it always looks so good. I'm loving the trousers, but those sunglasses are what really caught my eye. They remind me of this photo of Bette Davis where she's wearing a very similar pair, I'll have to look for them.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  6. I just discovered your blog! I love your vintage style

  7. Really interesting to hear what you think of VoH as, despite being on the same island, I don't own a single thing of theirs yet! I always want to rectify this, but had a bad experience with one of their dresses just being a disastrous fit, even though, from what I can gather, you and I fit into most of the same sizes. It was a 26" waist and it was painfully small and way too long in the body for me. Which just seems extra weird as these trousers aren't too long on you... Anyway, I will keep looking on and admiring you and others rocking their lovely pieces... x

  8. Well hello sailor! If it works, stick with it I say. You always do such lovely nautical looks, and it's only fitting with your location. Those trousers are just amazing on you and I love the anchor detail. I've swung back around to VOH recently, I bought one of their lovely slash neck tops and it's super duper. I'm with Jessica on the Bette Davis reference xx

  9. This is a cute outfit and I really love those glasses on you!

  10. Gorgeous! This is nautical garb at its absolute finest, no questions asked.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I love love love these sailor trousers! They look both comfy and perfectly tailored which is a pretty fantastic combination. The dock setting for these pictures is perfect too!

    Jamie |


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