Florals for Winter

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Wearing a lovely floral dress that has been styled for the cool weather!

Summer Garden Dress (Sold out - similar here) - c/o Lady Vintage
Coat - Collectif
Hat - eBay
Stockings - eBay
Shoes - Target

I've never had a Lady Vintage dress prior to this post though I have been well aware of the brand. I decided to choose this floral number as I already had an idea in mind of how I would like to style it and I thought the floral pink print would look great with my coat. I wear this coat and my green version of it constantly during winter, so expect to always see them thrown over my outfits.

I am trying to winterise more summer dresses this year, usually I get too cold and wear jeans, swing trousers or winter dresses most of the time, though it was quite nice this particular afternoon.

I am wearing my usual size 8 and find this to be a good fit, the bust is a little tight but seemed to fit better after wearing it for a couple of hours. If you have a larger bust I do suggest sizing up and if the waist is too big, this particular style has ties at the back to nip it in. This dress is made of soft cotton, the print is quite vibrant and it matched my coat well (as I had hoped). It has been so nice to start wearing back-seam stockings again too, oh how I have missed them!

This is the first proper set of blog photos I have taken on my own, you may remember that I bought a camera remote before going away on holiday earlier this year and I finally got myself down to the park to take some with it. I am always so impressed with bloggers who produce beautiful images and outfit posts on their own so I finally gave it a go. 

It was quite relaxing taking the photos because I was soaking up the last of the afternoon sun, there were a couple of school kids that walked through the frame, he was just slowly kicking the leaves. When I finished taking photos the school bus dropped off a bunch of kids, luckily I was finished pretty quickly and was packing up by then. I don't mind people watching blog photos for a short period of time though this is most preferred from a distance if they must look, I just don't want anyone getting too close or walking through the frame! 

Also, my hat was something I found on eBay with five minutes until the auction was ending and for six dollars I just love it! Does anyone else have the problem of hats slowly lifting off their head? I have crazy thick hair and it loves to push certain hats up so I have to keep readjusting it, I had to reposition it a few times during these photos haha. I'm sure that I can get some hat pins to keep them in place maybe as it's not a hassle to push it back down on my head, just kind of funny to feel it slightly rising. 

If you have your eye on something from Lady Vintage be sure to use the coupon code KAYLA10 for 10% off your purchase!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Can't say that my hair is thick enough to push a hat off, but I do tend to clip mine down at the bottom edges, more for fighting the wind than anything! I love the colour of the coat with this dress... Oh, I want a Collectif trenchcoat so badly but I actually realise now I much prefer the older colourways to the more dull beige and navy they're currently selling. The green and pink version are much more unique. I really hope they bring some more out soon... x

  2. What a gorgeous dress, and I love it teamed with the lovely hat and lilac coat - perfect for the fall. Good to see you back in stockings just when everyone is shedding theirs at this end of the world - although I try to keep going as long as I can, and sometimes all the way through the summer! Kx

  3. Last minute eBay listing finds rock! I've picked up a few really awesome items that way over the years.

    What a fun, elegant outfit. Pinks and blacks are so chic together and look all kinds of marvelous on, sweet gal.

    Have a wonderful week!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Such a really beautiful floral dress, love the backseam stockings and that hat - great find! xo

  5. A nice trench coat is a must for autumn winter and is something I am sorely lacking. You have put this outfit together impeccably. Whe darker florals, trench and beret are a perfect combination. And a big well done on taking your own photos!

  6. I keep meaning to ask you about your lipsticks - this colour is fab on you, which one is it? I love the hot pink with the more berry tones. It's really lovely. I am not longing for beret weather though, it's been sunhat weather here in the UK, wooo hooo!! xx

  7. You look so beautiful in this dress!
    I also like your photos! Unbelievable you took them all by yourself.

    Many hugs,

  8. Oh my gosh! I always have that problem with hats! I have crazy thick hair too - I guess our hair is just like "NOPE" and slowly dismisses the hats. HA!

    That aside, these COLORS!! Oh wow, they look great on you! This dress IS the perfect match for this coat, which I love. I gotta find me a good trench coat ;)

  9. A perfect early fall ensemble! While I love the warmer Summer season there is something about the Fall that makes me wonder which is really my favorite season! <3 Love the way these photos came out! You did a great job taking photos with your remote! Also, I have the completely opposite problems with hats! My head is so small that they tend to always slowly start to fall down too far over my head, though that's a problem I usually have with more structured hats like sun hats, fedoras, floppy hats, cloches, etc ;)


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