Pastel Picnic

Thursday 30 June 2016

The combination of pink gingham and pastel blue is back, it is unintentional but I keep putting the two together! I'm not complaining because I really enjoy wearing this combo!

Floral Picnic Dress - c/o Love ur Look
Cardigan - Hell Bunny
Hat - Thrifted
Shoes - Target

As mentioned above, yes I have another pink gingham and pastel blue look, I can't help but pair the two together I just love this combination - though this time I have a bit of floral print thrown in the mix. 

Love ur Look clothing is a UK brand with all products ethically made, I have always been curious of the fit + quality of this brand and I can gladly say that it gets a thumbs up from me. The fabric is a really lovely breathable cotton which will be perfect for next summer and the construction is great too so I will get lots of wear out of this dress.
Features I love: the cute buttons, the spiky neckline, hidden pockets (always a winner) and the netted trim attached to the lining which creates extra volume - this is always a great feature as I don't wear petticoats very often.

I am wearing size xs and the fit is fabulous and comfortable to wear. If you have a larger bust or are concerned about room in the shoulder area I suggest sizing up, the dress comes with a waist tie too, so you can nip in the waist. For my first outing in this dress a few weeks ago I went to a cafe with Max and his mother for his birthday and I was comfortable after finishing my burger and chips... I find that important when I go out to eat, comfort is key!

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen my shorter hair, I had about three inches taken off as I just needed a bit of change and my hair was feeling a bit damaged at the ends. I plan to grow it longer again so I can have my long flowy waves back to wear with my 70's boho beach dresses during summer. But for now I will enjoy it, it has been about four years or so since my hair was this short. My hair is really thick so it feels so much lighter and it's always good to have a change. 

It's almost the weekend! Have a good one! :D

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Such a really gorgeous dress on you! Love Ur Look have some beautiful dress on their website at the moment! :)

  2. The colours really are lovely together: they remind me of something to wear to a garden party or summer fete! Kx

  3. Super pretty outfit! Love Ur Look's offerings are smashing. I have one dress from them so far and couldn't be happier with the fit either. The awesome details make it a big time winner for me, too - and speaking of such, this really has to be one of the most incredible necklines ever!

    Big hugs & joyful start of July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Oh wow! Such a gorgeous and cute dress! My first thought was if you made this one yourself. The colors and prints are so well suited for you! The combination of pink gingham and light blue are such winners on you. Love your new shorter hair too!

  5. I think the extra details of the Love Ur Look dresses are what makes them so special - I could tell right away this was one of theirs even though I'd never seen it before, because who else would make a neckline like that?! And yet all the finishing touches are so different. I love pale blue with everything, it's one of my all-time favourite colours - and so pretty with pink here x

  6. I think shorter hair suit you really well :) I always had a long hair too, but once I got inches off it, it got so much easier to care for.

    That dress is very pretty and so is the whole outfit. Pink gingham is perfect with light blue!

  7. Super duper sweet dress. You look totally adorable! When baby pink and blue look this good on you, don't ever stop wearing it. Looks incredible. I really think this dress needs to be taken to a picnic!

  8. Wow so gorgeous. I love this look on you! The dress looks so authentically Vintage!!

  9. This look is so adorable!
    The colours suit you so well. <3
    I love the combination of light pink and pastel blue, too.

    Many hugs,

  10. I knew that had to be a Love Ur Look dress from the neckline! Such unusual details. I think pink and blue is a winning combination, so why stop?! xx

  11. How utterly pretty! It's very flattering and I love your new hair length x

  12. Very nice post, thanks for sharing


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