Thursday 27 October 2016

Wearing a dress that fulfils my love of the 50's and boho prints

Paloma 50's Dress in Palais Print - c/o Rasaleela Clothing
Green Gina Fiesta Shopper - c/o Sun Jellies
Hat - Glassons
Belt - Dotti
Necklace - Thrifted
Shoes - I Love Billy

I have mentioned in many posts that I have building up a collection of boho dresses this year, when Rasaleela contacted me for a collaboration I was excited to see their range of boho style fabrics worked into a variety of styles. When asked if I would like to review the Paloma I was very much looking forward to trying this dress as it a slight fifties look to it and is combined with boho style fabric. 

The quality and construction ticks all the right boxes and it is another perfect dress for summer. I did have some issues with sizing as xs is only available for a few styles that they carry (though this could expand in the future) so I went with size small for the Paloma. It was rather large on my waist which I was initially worried about but in the end I pulled it in with a belt. I haven't had a lot of time for sewing and alterations these past few months but I do plan to take it in. I think it looks fine here with a belt for a beach side look. 
The Palais print is based on a fabric that designer Trish found in Paris, she then had it reproduced onto the best quality Indian cotton fabric. I couldn't help but pair the dress with red accessories, a blue hat and my Sun Jellies bag - these bring out the colours on the dress even more. If you love prints like this, maxi dresses and fifties silhouettes that are a little bit different I highly suggest checking out Rasaleela. 

These photos were taken early last month, I went to the markets with mum and the dogs, we then went for a walk by the beach. It was sooo windy this particular day I was worried that I wouldn't get any nice photos as the wind kept blowing my dress up, tossing my hat to the ground and I was flicked with sand continuously (oh the glamour)... I'm happy with these photos and I had a bit of a laugh going through the not so great photos. 

Next on my wishlist from this Australian designed brand is the Eleanor Dress and the Nina Dress, both beautiful maxi styles which I am very obsessed with these days.

I was hoping to have a halloween look on my blog during October and my plans fell through due to delayed mail, I feel like all I think about sometimes is receiving mail and what the weather will be like, ah the life of a blogger haha!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. This is definitely how my brain is operating when it's not wedding planning right now! I feel like this especially happens as the seasons change and the new ranges come out... Anyway, really pretty print on this dress and the colours lend themselves so well to lots of combinations, so that's a big thumbs up too! I have the same problem with hats and the wind... which is why most of mine are pinned to my head! x

  2. Great colours in that dress, you could highlight different ones with matching accessories and really change the overall look. You know I love a bit of boho too. Though today I'm dressed like I'm in Star Trek, ha!! X

  3. Such a wonderful dress! It's so different but super cool and suits you perfectly. <3
    Haha I know those blogger problem: last year I wanted to do a Halloween look but totally failed since the weather was too bad. Therefore I shot my Halloween looks in September and the first October days this year. ;-))


  4. So cute! The dress looks super comfortable and light, too, which makes it even cuter!! Love the red accents and sassy hat you paired with it!

  5. OMG, weather (and illness...) always ruins my best laid blogging plans! I love this dress on you! It seems a little different than most looks I see on you, and I totally love it! XO

  6. That's a really fun fabric! You don't see boho and 50s together very often, so it's a very fun and distinctive look for you. Shame about the sizing, but I never would have guessed it was so big if you hadn't mentioned it, so I guess the belt worked as intended.

  7. Well considering the elements I think you held up well. Great photos.

  8. I love this dress, and the Boho inspired print...such a wonderful summer/spring dress, awesome photos as well! I'll have to check out this brand for myself! :)

  9. Fantastic dress on you! I love how you styled it too. Sorry to hear about the mail delays! I know that can be a bummer :(

  10. Such a happy, colourful print!


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