Blue Gingham with a Bow

Friday 7 October 2016

This blue gingham set gives me life!

Gingham Top & Trousers - Collectif Clothing
Pretty Little Thing Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Shoes - Wittner

As you can tell from these photos I really love blue, I even kept my blue Fitbit on just to prove it haha. I bought this outfit earlier in the year when they were released because I love my pink gingham set so much, see here. They are great pieces for mix and matching too, I wore the trousers with white long sleeve tops a lot during the cooler seasons and the blue gingham trousers look great with my dusty pink trench coat (here are the trousers paired with one of my favourite jumpers). Special mention to this super cute Erstwilder brooch because it looks perfect with so many things in my wardrobe!

There is still a lot of decorating that I would like to do in our house, the blue box holds a bunch of of our shoes (mainly mine lol), it is also a project I would like to eventually get around to... I want to make a seat on top of it so that we can sit as we put our shoes on and it will look like it has more of a purpose just sitting in the entry of the house... Let's hope that I will eventually do it. Something I did manage to do before we moved in was to spray paint this mirror, I bought it for $8 from a local buy/swap/sell page and I still had some gold spray paint left from a previous project and I love how it turned out!

I wish that I looked like this today and felt like my usual energetic self but I have been hit with a cold and have been on bed rest, it will probably only last a few days but I always feel sorry for myself when I have a cold and just want to get stuff done, but I must slow down for a bit! In that case I will keep this blog post short and sweet...

Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. What a cute look, I love the gingham

  2. Oh no! You poor thing. Please try to take it easy and rest, rest and rest some more this weekend to help heal your cold.

    Sending tons of feel better hugs and wishes your way,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Wonderfully charming outfit!

  3. Im sorry to hear your not feeling well, that always sucks!!

    I love the outfit though, I am obsessed with gingham! I would love to have the body to pull off that look but the big belly is better suited to dresses haha

    Charlotte |

  4. Get well soon dear! This set is amazing.

  5. I very much appreciate matching an outfit to your house ;) there's still a lot to do in our house too, but we're slowly getting there... I wish this set would fit be without altering as it is rather cute - and you're right you could easily layer it up too. Oh well, at least someone's rocking it! x

  6. So cute! That Erswilder bow is on my wishlist! It looks so great against the blue gingham. I'm sure you be able to get the seat done on that box. Good luck with all the other house decorating too :). I hope you feel better soon. <3

  7. Get well soon!
    Great job on the mirror, and this outfit is just adorable. x

  8. Such a cute outfit, love the blue gingham, and that Erstwilder brooch! I hope you're feeling better Kayla! xo

  9. Such a cool gingham outfit ,you really look gorgeous.I always loved vintage and you can also visit my vintage looks

  10. I'm so glad you got the blue set! I loved the pink set on you, the shape suits you so well! And gingham is incredible in every colour. Well done on the mirror make over, looks perfect in the gold.

  11. I love blue on you! This outfit is super cute and suits you perfectly - I love everything.



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