A Tropical Dress and a Sunny Winter Day!

Monday 31 July 2017

A tropical outfit on a warm winter day

Photos: Mum

Outfit Details

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury 1940s Lisa Tropical Tea Dress - c/o Rock N Romance
Starlet Shoes in Pink Femme Fatal - c/o Lucky Lou Shoes
Hat and Sunglasses - c/o Unique Vintage
Earrings - c/o Revere Folie

I wore this outfit at the start of the month for a walk with mum and the dogs to one of our favourite places. There are lots of beautiful jetty's, lots of happy dogs on their walks and a great fish & chip shop up the road. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day which meant I could get away with wearing a summer dress (though I still needed a cardigan and a coat at times) but the sun was beaming. 

These photos were taken around midday and this gorgeous boat shed gave the best lighting for that time of day. The dogs got a little messy playing around in the water but I gave them a good wash down later on during the walk, as you can see from the photos they were looking pretty happy with the walking location.

I wear quite a lot of Seamstress of Bloosmbury from Rock n Romance and this 1940s shirtwaist dress is gorgeous and perfect for my love of tropical and nautical themed clothing. I also really like their shirtwaist dresses as they seem to fit me rather well, I expressed my difficulty with shirtwaist dresses in a recent post but I always find this brand to be flattering, especially since I have a long torso too. I'll say it once (or a thousand times) and I'll say it again, but rayon fabric is one of my favourites to wear. The rayon crepe de chine fabric that this brand uses, it's soft to wear and perfect for warm weather.

My Lucky Lou shoes were first featured on the blog last month and I could not wait to wear them with this tropical dress. I love these glam, carved, beaded slide on wedges and they can definitely be dressed up or down. If you missed it my review of the Starlet Shoes can be found here.

Well, I finished sewing my latest dress last night so when the sun is shining and I get a chance to, I will hopefully wear it out and photograph it soon. I am pretty sure that I know what I want to sew next too but I have so many ideas. I just keep buying more and more patterns and fabric lately... I can't wait to bring them all to life (and to the blog).

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Oh my God!!!! Perfect lady in perfect dress!!! A dream!!!

  2. What a pretty pink dress! I must say that the colour looks amazing on you! Also, the pictures are gorgeous. I wish we had a pretty place like that around here <3 Hope you had a great time with your mum and the dogs!

  3. I love the Lisa dress! I have the blue and white striped version but this one looks amazing, too, and suits you so well! I also love how you have styled it! <3


  4. Beautiful dress and such a stunning location

  5. I love this dress and especially on you, I love how you have styled it! xo I'm receiving this dress soon myself! :)

  6. These are stunning photographs! The colours are incredible, that pink against the blue. I'm suspending my disbelief that this is your winter - looking out of the window now at our summer it's cloudy, damp and chilly! Such a gorgeous dress on you x

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