Grease Lightnin' with Erstwilder

Thursday 3 August 2017

My Erstwilder Grease look book! I had so much fun styling these amazing pieces from the latest collection!

It would be a crime if Sandy from this scene of Grease was not included in this collection! She's super sassy and a beautiful brooch to wear, I had to team with the theme when styling this brooch. I also paired these gorgeous lightnin' earrings with this look and I absolutely love them, you'll see them worn with a couple more looks in this blog post.

Leather Jacket: Portmans, Dress: c/o Unique Vintage and Shoes: I Love Billy

A preppy 50's cheerleader and one of my favourite looks from Grease, this brooch is all sorts of adorable... The attention to detail is amazing and Sandy's happy little face also makes me happy! You've gotta love the pom poms too! Team spirit, woohoo!

Blouse: c/o Rock n Romance, Cardigan: c/o Collectif and Skirt: Dangerfield

This scene from Grease, this brooch... Ah, it's perfection! I took these shots after I finished my make-up because I like to team with the theme and Erstwilder presented me with the perfect opportunity with this brooch. As someone who wears rollers to bed I had to have this brooch in my collection.

Vintage Sleepwear

More 50's preppy goodness because when you've got a Rydell yearbook brooch you have to rock it in the most preppy way. It's a beautiful, sleek and simple design but at the same time is is so interesting to look at - it's pretty darn cute too! I think it really pops with this outfit too, love it.

Top: Valley Girl, Cardigan: c/o Collectif and Trousers: c/o Voodoo Vixen

The Pink Ladies deserve their own necklace and Erstwilder has given us that, it's a really great statement piece and I love that the necklace is on a tilt to add to the quirkiness of Erstwilder and live up to the film. I styled it with one of my true vintage pieces, my trusty leather jacket and a hair flower, this is one of my new favourite looks.

Leather Jacket: Portmans, Dress: 1950s Vintage and Hair Flower: Made by me

Another iconic part of Grease, I decided to wear it with a really elegant velvet dress and it looks right at home. The colour and design of this brooch are absolutely stunning, it's a really elegant piece but of course it's super fun too!

Dress - Retrospec'd

I love Frenchy, her style is just adorable and she's super sweet. I love the colour pink and I love bold brooches like this so I could not go past this one. I'm sure that you would have guessed that I was going to team with the theme and incorporate bubble gum into these shots, well yes I had too... Sorry! It took a good few goes but I ended up getting some shots that worked, I really think I need to share the bloopers soon don't ya think?!

Blouse: c/o Joanie Clothing

A beautiful car, a rainbow and stars... This necklace is so so sooo pretty! Another wonderful statement necklace from the collection and I can't wait to wear it with so many other outfits in my wardrobe. I decided to get my 50's pastel princess vibes on to showcase this beautiful piece.

Dress: c/o Unique Vintage and Hat: Vintage

Such a sassy brooch with a quote from an equally sassy character, Rizzo. I'm rocking my leather jacket again with another vintage dress... I'm loving leather with soft vintage dresses, I love the contrast and the brooch has that same vibe to it. I also attached this brooch to the MaganaPin to avoid damaging my really good jacket since I am pretty particular with how I treat my clothes... Especially since this was a pricey wardrobe investment I made quite a few years ago! 

 Leather Jacket: Portmans and Dress: 1950s Vintage

Apologies if this was an photo overload for you but with ten Erstwilder pieces and someone who loves styling the post became quite large. Erstwilder and Sally Land Illustration did an amazing job with this collection and I look forward to wearing this collection for many years to come, my mum loves it too so I'm pretty sure that she'll be rocking them too! Special mention to the gorgeous Grease boxes to match the collection too, you can see them on the website!

Most photos taken by me - Tell Me About It Stud and Rydell Forever photos taken by Max.

Erstwilder Grease Collection - c/o Erstwilder (full range here)

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. This entire collection is perfection, and each outfit you did is INCREDIBLE! Well done! <3

  2. Oh my, what a spread of wonderful photos and styling!! I love you in the pink ladies outfit especially - blondes always look so good in pink! (As your photos at the seaside showed more evidence of). You're very talented as model/stylist! Xx

  3. A wonderful series of outfits - I love them all - you look terrific!

  4. This colecction is super cute but I also like all of your outfits :)

  5. Wah! You're sooo pretty in all of these and the styling is absolutely on point!! I can't choose my favorite, because you're so stunning!

  6. Ahh! I have SUCH fond memories from my childhood and Grease! I remember they brought it back to theaters for an anniversary and my mom took my sister and I. It was so much fun. We were obsessed ever since - we got the soundtrack and watched it on TV whenever possible. To this day we still do and know most of the lines!!

    I may have to splurge on some of these brooches you oh so accurately styled!!

  7. Wow, you have styles all these Grease Erstwilder brooches, wonderfully! It's so hard to pick my favs from this collection that's for sure! :)

  8. Crikey, this must have taken you ages! So many good outfits to compliment these brooches. I wish I had an occasion to wear a prom dress with a leather jacket, because it sure looks fab! I really love this collection, but I'm heartbroken there's no Marty :( she's the only missing one of the gang (the designer told me the Beauty School Dropout brooch that everyone thinks is Marty is actually Rizzo!!) x

  9. Such a great post! I love seeing all the different brooches with these gorgeous outfits.

  10. The styling of these pictures are brilliant! You have brought the fun and cheekiness of this collection of brooches to life!

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