The Perfect Winter LBD

Friday 11 August 2017

A winter evening in a sassy little black dress!

Photos by Me

Outfit Details

Blondi V2 Fitted Dress - c/o Stop Staring
Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Beret - Myer
Beaded Purse - Gift
Stockings - What Katie Did via The Nylon Swish
Shoes - Miss L Fire

Stop Staring are well known for their gorgeous figure hugging designs and I couldn't resist this dress as the longer sleeves + faux fur are perfect for the cooler weather. 

It was simple styling but with a pop of colour from my stockings, brooch and purse that seemed like a winner for me. I'm trying to wear my berets and winter gear as much as I can but it felt like spring today, the weather was actually hot... I'm not complaining but I still have a handful of winter outfits I'd love to wear before they have to be packed away. 

I am wearing my usual Stop Staring size small and the dress has a good amount of stretch which makes it really comfortable to wear. I always find their sizing to be quite consistent, which is always important when you are an international customer. A little black dress is always a great staple for your wardrobe whether it be a summer or winter dress but I'm so glad to add this winter piece to my collection as it is such a classic piece!

Today has been both nice and productive which included household chores, walking down to the post office in a spring dress (no cardigan required), food shopping, finding the buttons I needed for sewing projects, food shopping, walking my dogs, hanging out with mum and now writing this blog post. 

I'm going out for dinner for my best friend's birthday tomorrow night and I'm thinking about wearing another Stop Stop dressing wiggle dress as I have been wanting to wear it for quite a while now... It's a gorgeous orange houndstooth print dress with a bow! Too cute!

Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Sassy and absolutely classic - always a stunning look on you. I absolutely love that you have added a fun touch with the colour of your seams, and the way they pick out your brooch colour. Wonderful!

  2. Stop Staring do fab fitted dresses - this one is a great blank canvas for styling in different ways. I hope you get another wear out of it before the weather heats up!! X

  3. Sooooo gorgeous!!! Love this dress. That brooch really pops on that gorgeous dress too. :)

    Regina/ Margarita Bloom Beauty & Fashion

  4. I wasn't that fussed at first glance about this black dress (I tend to veer away from them because I feel like they're not fun enough) but then I saw the collar and cuffs... Sold! I'd wear the heck out of this in the office in the colder months - the little split at the front is a really nice touch too. Ah, Stop Staring, you know what you're doing... x

  5. I am getting a sultry Parisian spy girl vibe from this outfit! Very sassy indeed! And who doesn't need a little black dress!!


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