Red Roses

Friday 18 August 2017

Embroidered roses, a big flower crown and tassel earrings... I love all of these things so much that I had to combine them together!

Photos by Renee

Outfit Details

Suki Embroidered Rose Dress - c/o The Pretty Dress Company
Flower Crown and Earrings - Lovisa
Stockings - What Katie Did via The Nylon Swish
Shoes - Miss L Fire

The Pretty Dress Company has such an amazing variety of dresses though the embroidered dresses by this brand have always caught my eye! I selected this dress as I love the sleeves, high neckline and again the amazing embroidery detail. It's quite different to everything else in my wardrobe and it's one of those special dresses that you know you will always hold onto.

I am wearing size 8 again, the same size as the previous dress by this brand that I wore on the blog by and the fit is absolutely beautiful (whilst still remaining comfortable to wear). I can't get over the absolutely stunning embroidery and the soft fabric, this is a dream dress for me and something that I plan to wear for many years to come. 

This particular day was very windy and it was a strange overcast day, a group of school kids were also on an excursion at the gardens so they saw me prancing around in front of the camera and trying to fight the wind haha! Speaking of wind, it has been a crazy windy day today with trees falling down in some surrounding areas. Lucky that my washing didn't disappear from the clothes line haha!

I'd love to wear this dress with a more sleek hairstyle to mix it up so next time I have the opportunity to take it out a spin that I what I will do!

It's time to make dinner and then get some sewing done, sounds like a good Friday night to me!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Wow, so much matching here, even down to the lipstick! What shade are you wearing? You look very Dolce & Gabbana here! Such a stunning dress x

  2. Oh wow what a stunning dress on you Kayla! I love the rose flower crown as well, absolutely gorgeous! xo

  3. This dress is absolutely perfect on you, just sublime! Kx

  4. This is such a Dolce Gabbana look! Extravagant and fun, yet with a sultry edge! Gorgeous girl!!

  5. Such a vintage look! Suits you a lot! I like your choice of accessories and how your gorgeous blonde hair contrasts with your black and red outfit. Really stylish.


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