Specsavers Australia x Red or Dead London

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Today I'm featuring two pairs of specs by Specsavers Australia, this particular collection is in collaboration with British designer brand Red or Dead London. The amazing thing with these glasses is that they are an interchangeable design. Each pair of glasses comes with two sets of arms so you can change the look literally by changing the arms, which is so cool!

I am a lover of tortoiseshell style frames but I love that these have a more muted pastel tone to them, the pop of colour with the soft pastel pink arms makes them so fun and a little bit glam. How could I not pair them with a pink beret and dress?! I also love how classic they look with the matching tortoiseshell arms, it's amazing how different these glasses look with a simple change of the arms. I always have the Ultraclear Superclean coating added to my glasses, for reflection, glare, computer work and for night driving. I am super happy with how this frame fits and just how versatile it is. This pastel loving gal is very happy!

I'm a lover of big round sunglasses so I had to have these. These specs are actually sold as a clear opthalmic set of glasses (see here) but you can tint or polarise most of the glasses in store. I am obsessed with all things yellow and mustard at the moment so when I saw the colourful arms on these frames I knew that I had to have them. I love that you can also change the arms to brown as well, I'd swap to these when I'm wearing something that is super bright and would clash with the yellow, it's nice to know that you can swap it to a slightly more neutral arm. The great thing about being able to tint the lenses of a frame like this is it makes this type of frame that is already quite different even more unique! 

Photos by Mum

Mixing and matching clothes and accessories is something I love to do and the fact that I can do it with my glasses now is so exciting! It has been a bit of a luxury to wear these glasses the past few weeks and to have the option to customise my look depending on the overall outfit. I have also been loving the injection of colour with these new styles.

I have worn prescription glasses for reading and computer work the past few years but now have a small distance prescription now. It's always a good idea to pop into Specsavers Australia for an eye test, even if it's just to check the health of your eyes. If you're passing by you need to pop in and check out the Red or Dead range and have a play around with the styles in store. I am super happy with my choices and have had so much fun with them already!

Be sure to head to the Specsavers Australia website to check out the collection or pop into your local store to try them on!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

Blog post in collaboration with Specsavers Australia, glasses c/o of Speccsavers Australia


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