We're Having a Baby!

Friday, 15 May 2020

Yes it's true, Max and I are having a baby!

I pretty much knew straight away, things felt slightly different than the start of my period and I just had a feeling. A couple of days later I bought a few different brands of pregnancy tests and they all came back positive! It felt so surreal and I was just so happy.

Max got home particularly late from a work event that night and I pulled out the pregnancy test in bed with very dim light. Poor Max was so sleepy and had to make sense of what it was, because I just handed to him and smiled. We were both so excited and got more excited of the next few days as we processed the news. We have always wanted to have a baby and it's now a reality for us. I have just hit 13 weeks and am almost out of the first trimester!

We took these pregnancy announcement photos a couple of days ago in between Max's work meetings as he is working from home at the moment, not bad for five minutes. I set up the camera and my remote in front of the macramé that hung on our wedding arbour.

Thank you for all the love on Instagram, I look forward to blogging this journey and also my maternity outfits!

Kayla x


  1. Congratulations! Yep, similar experience to you with the knowing ahead of time! When I got pregnant last fall, I knew way before I could take a test. I kept having these weird pulling cramps that didn't go away. They weren't terribly painful but were definitely NOT something I ever felt before and I knew without taking a test. I took one later that week, the day my period was due and it confirmed it. When we try again, I am curious to see how different/same the experience is! What an exciting time for you! I can't wait to see your maternity looks!

  2. Aw~ Congratulation!!

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