20 weeks

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Photos by me

Second trimester update so far. I am loving this bump and watching it grow! I am mind blown everyday watching my body change, accommodate and grow our baby. I feel so beautiful with this bump - especially after having my hair cut and brows waxed last week too haha!

How Far Along?

20 weeks

Weight Gain?

After losing a dramatic amount of weight due to my rough first trimester I have now gained it all back and feeling soooooooo much better!

Maternity Clothes?

I have some maternity overalls (which are so damn comfy), maternity jeans, maternity track pants and tights and a few other things. I'm still wearing regular clothing, some hugs the bump more with a bit of stretch and some are still my usual clothes. I will be needing some maternity wear for work soon too, things are getting a little more snug now the bump is growing.


Still sleeping like a log, whilst occasionally waking up in the early hours unable to sleep for a while, usually I am just hungry, have some cereal or a small snack and then I go back to sleep.

Best Moment This Week?

Starting to feel and see her kick, an incredible feeling. Max saw her movement too which made it even more special.

Baby Movement?

As above, I have been able to feel her move sometimes or give me little kicks which will only get stronger. This makes me even more excited.

Food Cravings?

No odd or unusual cravings. I just want plenty of carbs, chocolate (more the rate I usually crave it) and fizzy drinks still so I have been having a little bit of flavoured soda water because I want to cool it a bit on sugar intake.


We found out at 19 weeks 5 days that we are having a girl, we would have been happy either way and just wanted a healthy baby but deep down Max always pictured having a girl and I am excited for the cute outfits to come. I've already purchased her some cute clothes.... SO FUN!

Something You're Looking Forward Too?

Watching my bump grow more, feeling more kicks and movement, planning the baby nursery and just getting more and more excited with Max. His excitement and love for this baby since day one is the most beautiful thing. 

Kayla x

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