Summer Stripes

Friday 13 January 2017

Summer is certainly here and this dress is perfect for keeping cool and fashionable on these very hot days!

Sabrina Dress - c/o The Domestic Dame
Belt - Dotti
Glitter Island Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Bangles - Thrifted
Hat - c/o Unique Vintage
Small Mint Fiesta Shopper - c/o Sun Jellies
Shoes - I Love Billy

I've had my eye on this dress for quite a while, I love the bright stripes contrasted with black and I love how summery it looks. I was excited to wear it out a few days ago and was looking forward to styling this dress since I first laid eyes on it!

This particular day I wore the dress without the halter neck strap but thought I'd share a couple of photos with the strap on too. I don't think that I own any strapless dresses because I've never really seen any that I like and there isn't that many strapless vintage style day dresses on the market (or maybe I haven't taken much notice until now). I have always liked dresses with strap options, whether it be removable or to change the style/position of them.

I am wearing size xs which fits well in the waist, I have that usual little bit of extra room I like for comfort, however I did find the bust to be a little large on me. The boning holds the bust up well and gives the dress beautiful structure however I think my bust would have fit in the xxs better, though with a good bra and the boning it managed to still look good despite it being a little large in that area, it held up well because of the boning. Despite that the boning gives the dress a really nice authentic vintage look.

I decided to also wear my thin red belt that I bought on clearance for $2 a while ago, my trusty summer wedges, a bright Sun Jellies bag and of course one of my favourite hats - the ultimate summer staple. I am always pleased to wear an outfit that looks really nice but is also extremely comfortable, I think that is my aim when it comes to dressing and most of my clothes serve that purpose otherwise I wouldn't wear them much. Of course I have a portion of dresses that don't suit my everyday needs but I like the majority of them to be functional and very much liveable. And any dress that is comfortable in the summer heat is good to me! 

I started sewing a new dress recently, but I have packed the sewing machine up for the weekend as guests will be here this weekend. I have a bunch of gathering to do but hopefully it will be finished very soon and turn out okay. I have been wanting to make this particular pattern for ages so it will hopefully make it's way onto the blog soon.

Be sure to check out the full range by The Domestic Dame, they have some great dresses including another strapless dress, they also offer sleepwear and aprons!

Use the code vintage15 for 15% off your order if you have your eye on something from The Domestic Dame!

Have a great weekend! I hope to get to the beach tomorrow!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Love the rainbow colors! The black background of the dress really makes these colors pop! You look lovely and ready for a fun trip to the beach or carnival!

  2. Ooo pretty pretty dress! It doesn't matter about the top being a bit loose, and when it's super hot it's not always great to have things skin-tight.

    I've just been making a skirt with gathering. I hated the gathering bit and it didn't go very well at all! Wishing you better luck with yours xx

  3. Wow love this dress on you Kayla, I love the colour stripes and the style of this dress. Great to wear in summer for sure! :)

  4. This dress is super pretty - the more unusual colours and the neckline make it something special. I never really think to wear a lot of black in the summer but I'd be up for a sundress like this one for sure! x

  5. Such a beautiful and fun summer dress. You look absolutely stunning, darling.

    Sandra <3

  6. What a fun look! This reminds me of some Mexican (or Mexican inspired) dresses that I've seen from the 50s and 60s, with the bright colors against the black, which is always a beautiful combination. I like the versatility of the removable strap as well. Very cute and colorful!

  7. I keep seeing that dress pop up and I love it! You look FAB in it :) I'm so jealous it's summer! Also...those earrings!! Checking out that shop now! XO

  8. So unusual to see the bright colours mixed with black, it really brings out the vibrancy of the print. The top looks perfect in these pictures, great to have that boning offering support!

  9. So pretty! I love the buttons at the bust. I feel the same as you. It is so important for clothes to be comfortable. That's great to hear you've been doing more sewing! Can't wait to see what you've been working on :)


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