Twenties Glamour Gown

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Wearing an amazing 1920s style gown by Hell Bunny!

Myrna Dress - c/o Hell Bunny (NOW AVAILABLE)!!!
Snowflake Earrings c/o Revere Folie 
Shoes - Jason Wu x Melissa

Hell Bunny, you've done it again! I've been wearing Hell Bunny for years and years, one of my first pin-up dresses was Hell Bunny and they continue to grow with new amazing designs each season. 
When I was looking through the lookbook late last year and saw this dress my jaw dropped, I was excited to see Hell Bunny releasing some 1920/30's designs in the mix of their always gorgeous pin-up dresses and cute prints.

These photos were taken back in November but I have been holding onto them as I have been waiting to post closer to when this dress is expected to be available from the Hell Bunny website, it isn't yet but I hear it isn't too far away so keep your eyes peeled - I will update this blog post and add a link when it is available on the website.

I wear xs for mainly every Hell Bunny garment I own, I always find their sizing to be consistent and this dress fits as well as I hoped! It fits nicely on my bodice, the waist is slightly loose which is a nice take on twenties clothing however it isn't too loose which gives this gown a lovely relaxed silhouette whilst still remaining with a beautiful fit. The amazing beading, neckline and split shoulders were some features of this dress that drew me in and the fact that it is a beautiful long gown made it extra special.

I may not go out to fancy evening events very often but this is one of those dresses that would be perfect for events, weddings or in my case just dinner out to a nice restaurant... Or a fun dressy dinner at my house with friends. What I'm trying to say that it is always nice to have a dress like this in your wardrobe because you never know when you may need it. My bestie Renee thought that they would make great bridesmaids dresses too, special thanks to Renee for taking these photos - it was a really hot day too.

Be sure to look out for this gown on the Hell Bunny website or check stockists, however in the meantime another gown that I love is the Geraldine Dress which is another beautiful glamorous dress from their current range! 

This week is another really hot one, the only good thing about that is getting to beach as much as possible. December and January have been a little slow on the blog as I usually like to take a bit of a break with minimal posts and the really hot weather lately makes it a little difficult to write and take photos at times - it feels like my brain is melting lol - but I'm getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to another year of blogging!

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Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Utterly divine! As dazzling as the stars in the night sky. I hope you get to wear this dress somewhere very posh soon xx

  2. Ahh you look stunning! That dress is perfect!

  3. Such a gorgeous, understated evening dress. I love the earrings you have paired it with to really up the glamour and sparkle! Fabulous!!!

  4. Amazing dress!! It suits you so well and I love that it's long. <3


  5. Oh my wow, I can't believe this is a Hell Bunny dress...just stunning! You look so beautiful in this dress! xo

  6. Oh wow - what a dress, and glorious on you. I hope you find just the right event for it! Kx

  7. This dress is amazing and you look so incredible in it! Your hair looks fab too. xx

  8. Hell Bunny can do no wrong right now! I would happily have taken one of everything from their latest range, including this beautiful dress. I'm so excited for what they've got coming in Spring!! x

  9. Glamour gown with a capital G! You look incredible! I had no idea Hell Bunny was venturing into earlier decades and I love it! I've been less enthused with Hell Bunny selections the past year, so this excites me a lot! Thanks so much for educating me on these new Hell Bunny ventures! XO

  10. That's so great to see Hell Bunny making some 1920's style dresses! <3 So gorgeous on you and those shoes are so perfectly amazing with this dress! <3


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