Beach Side Glamour with Red Dolly Swimwear

Friday 17 February 2017

You can't go wrong with a classic black swimsuit and a big sun hat for a glamorous look at the beach!

Hat - c/o Unique Vintage
Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Lola Ramona Heels - c/o Shoe Fun

When it comes to having staples in your wardrobe a black swimsuit or bikini is as important as having your go to little black dress. Combine your swimwear with a hat for extra glam factor + skin protection and you'll be on your way to feeling fabulous. For this blog post I paired my largest sun hat and one of my favourite pairs of heels with this swimsuit. 

Red Dolly Swimwear has been one of my summer staple swimwear brands for the past three years, they have really cute bikinis and full pieces, though this year there is a new swimsuit in the store and I couldn't wait to try it out!

This swimsuit is a nice simple design with small details that make it interesting, the ruffles at the bottom and the low cut back set it apart from a regular black swimsuit and with that it is cute and sexy combined. Another thing that I like about this swimsuit is that it is a really good design for tackling the waves and rough weather without running the risk of losing your swimmers to the waves haha, it will also be really good for doing laps etc too. It's nice to add a swimsuit that is both practical and glamorous to my collection. 

I am wearing size small and found the fit to be excellent, be sure to follow the Red Dolly size chart for the best fit. This swimsuit style is also available in the new super cute cactus print, I'll be blogging the cactus bikini next month.

This was a very windy day by the water as you can probably tell by the hair but beachy-windswept hair is very much something I love when going to the beach! Nothing beats that cool summer breeze on the coast.

Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Thank you Red Dolly Swimwear for sponsoring this post - All opinions are of my own.


  1. This swimsuit is perfect! I´d love to have the same.

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  2. Gorgeous photos! Definitely looking glamorous in this swimsuit and hat. Love the ruffles at the bottom too.

  3. Those little frills really make that swimsuit don't they? Lovely! You have such an enviable swimwear collection, but then you do have the beach lifestyle to match! x

  4. I'm starting to think you live in paradise...! The frills on this swimsuit do make it rather lovely - and a great match for that classic hat! Considering it was windy I wouldn't have known - I don't feel like your wind is even as fierce as ours!!! x

  5. What a gorgeous and classic swimsuit! I especially love that B&W one of you laying in the sand! XO

  6. The lipcolor of your is truly beautiful. Looking gorgeous in the swimsuit.
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