Dots on the Beach

Monday 27 February 2017

A polka dot bikini never goes out of style!


Another bikini on the blog, yes it's true that I love them as much as a beautiful dress! Most of my swimsuits are high waist or a full swimsuit but that doesn't mean that I don't like a low rise cut. When I saw this gorgeous bikini in the Unique Vintage new arrivals and the campaign images I really needed it! 

This bikini is red with beige polka dots, which is a really nice change from the typical white polka dot print. I am wearing my usual size small in Unique Vintage and the fit is consistent with the measurements & the UV swimwear range

I did find the top took a bit of time to squeeze over my head and ribs the first time I put it on since it is a full bustier style. The bikini top has enough stretch to get it on comfortably and after the second or third time I put it on it became easier as it was worn in more. I would suggest bigger busted ladies size up or if you are in between sizes for more ease. The bikini offers great support with padded cups, high quality fabrics and plenty of comfort for extended beach visits. 

I must say that this bikini had me feeling extra confident about myself, this longer top with a low bottom is such a lovely contrast and is such a fun style to wear. The bustier would look really cute with high waist shorts or a skirt when heading up to the beach cafe for coffee or a meal after a swim. 
I styled the bikini with a big hat and some white sunglasses from Unique Vintage to complete this summer look. 

This particular day began overcast, then it was sunny and it was overcast again... Finally it started to rain at the end of these photos. The water and clouds look pretty magical, the rain doesn't stop me from a swim but I had to be somewhere within the hour so we grabbed our things and took off with the dogs. 

It's forecast to rain all week which will delay me from wearing certain things and photographing some of them too. It is nice to have the rain and some cooler weather, I guess I'll use some of those rainy afternoons for my next sewing project! We are starting to get a proper glimpse of Autumn now.

Have a great week!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. It's so nice to see a retro style bikini without high waist bottoms! I love them on other people but don't think they suit me, so I always go for a classic '60s bikini bottom. You look great in it anyway! Spring is on the way here, apparently, though it's been really wet. Your beach still looks most inviting despite the clouds!

  2. Love this color combo on you. So cute! <3

  3. You can almost never go wrong with polka dots but you look especially cute in this swimsuit.

  4. I hate when the weather does that during photos - cue tonnes of photos all with completely different lighting that look bizarre together! It is nice indeed to see a retro style bikini that's a bit different - I've always quite liked the tankini type style. I don't always want to wear high waisted bottoms either - not every style suits my shorter torso as it is. Very cute - your swimwear collection is possibly even more impressive than your dress one! x

  5. Aren't you a beach babe! This is such a fun and summery look, and this style does really look fabulous on you. I really like the lower waist on the bottom, and I can totally picture the top being repurposed for an evening out, which could be a great packing hack if you're going on vacation.

  6. Loving the little top that would be totally cute paired with a skirt as well as a swimsuit. Got to get those garments working for their keep. Fabulous!!


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