Powder Blue and Florals

Wednesday 22 February 2017

I'm featuring a vintage inspired nighty + dressing gown and floral cushions shot by my dressing table!

Vintage Navy Floral "Lucia" Cushions - c/o Whimsical Fair

Evette Dubois is an Australian small business based in Melbourne, store owner Melissa designs beautiful lingerie and sleepwear inspired by the twenties right through to the fifties.

When I was contacted for a collaboration I was very excited as I have been wanting to include vintage lingerie/sleepwear on the blog for ages, I have a decent size collection of vintage nighties +  bed jackets and this collaboration is a great way to get me to share beautiful delicates and shoot more indoors.

This powder blue with pink satin dressing gown and nighty is made of silk and proudly made in Australia by the very talented designer. Melissa wanted to design some 1950s inspired pieces for me and a day or so later she emailed me her beautiful illustrations, I of course loved the beautiful designs that she came up with but she also picked out my favourite colour combination without having me mention it! I was then asked for my measurements and these pieces were created, they arrived to my door about a week after the order was placed.

These are great quality pieces and the fabric is so soft, I felt very comfortable and confident in this set, I wore my pale pink Dita Von Teese Von Follies lingerie underneath which was the perfect match. Evette Dubois has a great selection of designs available for order in her Esty store or you can talk to Melissa if you're interested in a custom order. Whether you are purchasing something for yourself or a gift for someone special Evette Dubois will make you feel very happy, even the packaging was beautiful!

For 20% off at Evette Dubois use the code PRETTY20

Did you spy the gorgeous floral cushions in this blog post? They're from another Australian small business called Whimsical Fair (also based near Melbourne), I can't go past a pretty floral print and I've wanted to add more cushions to our house. Rebecca of Whimsical Fair whipped these gorgeous cushions up for me over the weekend, popped them in the mail on Monday and they arrived early Tuesday. The fabric is of the highest quality and the cushions hold their shape whilst still being comfy to rest my head on. The fabrics are sourced worldwide to offer plenty of choice to suit everyone. Be sure to check out the amazing range of fabrics she has on offer!

For 10% off at Whimsical Fair use the code KAYLA10

These photos were taken in our bedroom by my $15 dressing table I scored on Gumtree last year and my many second hand chairs. I did have to push the bed over bit to get myself fully in the frame but it's nice to share my little space as this is where I style my hair each morning and night. Thanks Max for taking a good portion of these photos, that shot with my head rested on the pillows had me feeling all sleepy... Usually it's a lot of jumping and running around by the water or at the park haha.

In other clothing related news I was happy to finish sewing the dress I have been working on a couple of nights ago (see here), it should make it's way to the blog next month once I get a chance to wear it out.

Enjoy the rest of your week, I can't believe February is almost over!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. How beautiful sleepwear! I am planning on sewing a transparent dressing gown for summer, have to decide on the colour yet.

    Check out my cheerful spring outfit with selfmade cape (link) or read my article about "beauty" pills (link)

  2. Dreamy nightwear, just my kind of thing! I see that there's quite a range of eras, including some 20s inspired stuff on her website, which is really nice to see. You look so pretty, what a lovely dressing table backdrop, and I love those slippers of yours too. Much more ladylike than my regular slippers of little foxes!! xx

  3. Gosh this set is gorgeous! I've never seen anything made now quite like it and such beautiful colours. Fab photos too - it's so hard taking them indoors in small spaces isn't it?! x

  4. Such a dreamy set. That's wonderful that Melissa made them in your favorite colors without you even asking! <3

  5. Very pretty! I love vintage style loungewear like this.

  6. Oh wow this night-ware set is stunning, I love the colour and the design...just made for you! Gorgeous photos as well! xo

  7. Omg, this dressing gown looks so amazing!! Absolutely perfect and I really love the photos.
    I'm so sorry I missed so many of your lovely outfits lately, but it's been a super busy time for me...

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  8. I see this, and all I can see is the fairy godmother 😍 This piece is so breathtakingly perfect!


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