Erstwilder x May Gibbs: Gumnut Babies

Tuesday 11 April 2017

May Gibbs bush babies is an Australian treasure and a very fond memory of my childhood, which I still love to this day. I'm sharing this very special Erstwilder collection on the blog this week, but don't ask me my favourite because they are all so amazing.

I'll kick off the blog post with the gorgeous Ti-Tri Babies, this gorgeous brooch captures the beauty of Ti-tree flowers and the cuteness of the Ti-Tree Babies. This is quite a decent size brooch that I have found looks great pinned to many different dresses and also looks cute hanging off sturdy cardigan collars! The white of the Ti-Tri flowers makes it easy for styling with almost anything too.

The iconic Snugglepot & Cuddlepie who became the cover babies of May Gibbs books had to of course come in brooch and earring form and I cannot get over just how adorable they are. The brooche and earrings are just so sweet. Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait.

This is the gorgeous necklace from the collection and it's such a fun piece to wear, the details are adorable and it's definitely very unique. I love that it just hangs on a chain on it's own as it's a great simplistic piece that can be thrown together with outfits easily. I like to have a good portion of necklaces that are simple to style and don't require much thought when you are rushing out the door, which is what I have been doing lately!

It would be a crime to leave Bib & Bub out of the collection, I mean look at those cute little bums hanging onto the Eucalyptus leaves. The green is really vibrant and has a nice bit of shine too it, they really stand out when pinned to an outfit and I love them against this burnt orange dress.

Wattle has to be one of my most favourite things ever so there is no questioning my love for the Wattle Babies. I know that I said that I can't pick a favourite from this collection but this one is a real stand out for me and not just because I really love when Wattle is in bloom. How cute is the expression on the faces of these little babies!? Soooo adorable and so vibrant!

Another beautiful Australian native and another May Gibbs baby, although I didn't have access to any of this Australian flora for that matter this baby decided to fly amongst these pink flowers that were in bloom. I love how delicate this brooch feels whilst again being another great sized piece, this brooch also has some raised edges on top of the petals which gives this design great dimension and that little bit of extra detail I look for. I tried this brooch with a variety of outfits but decided to pin it to this blue floral dress for the blog.

This is Erstwilder's first licensed range and what would be better than to team together with something so iconic and Australian. May Gibbs many years ago created Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (and friends + the villains) which has to be one of the most unique and wonderful creations ever. So much that it is still something that a lot of Australian's enjoy today.

I remember reading these books as a child with my parents and throughout primary school.
I love that Erstwilder pays tribute to Australian Flora and Fauna (also see the Australiana range) and this collection is such a beautiful addition to the many different collections they've had over the years.

If you have always loved the magic of May Gibbs I highly recommend adding a piece to your collection as I don't think they will last long (update: they are almost all sold out). This has to be one of my most favourite collections by Erstwilder and it exciting that it is their first licensed collection, because of this the designs are so true to the illustrations... They have really been brought to life and who wouldn't want to wear these special pieces. I had a lot of fun photographing this collection, I hope that you like the images!

So the collection is almost sold out apart from a couple of pieces, Erstwilder has informed me that they will restock the collection in a few months so be sure to register with your email to the pieces you would really love to purchase and hopefully you can get a hold of them then!

I mentioned the Australiana range above and 11 new pieces have been released today too (some already sold out) I will be featuring the Naughty Nectar Nibbler Brooch and the Tropical Odyssey Brooch soon.

I hope everyone has a great week, I've been rushing around like crazy and have been waiting to get home to publish this blog post!!!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

May Gibbs Collection c/o Erstwilder 


  1. The Ti-Tree Babies brooch has got to be my favorite, but it's so hard to choose! I love how you photographed them in the trees, too. They're all so adorable.

    xo, Helene

  2. How cute! I love everything! <3


  3. I am not familiar with this Australian book, but these are very sweet. Where's the dress from that you're wearing with Nutty Bub? Love the pinks and greens together x

  4. This is such a cute collection Erstwilder has released, I love how you have photographed every piece and the dresses you decided to match with them...looks great! :)

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