Jumpsuit by the Boats

Tuesday 18 April 2017

My last blog post involved stripes and here I am again in stripes but this time in jumpsuit form!

Photos: Renee

Outfit Details 

Zara Jumpsuit - c/o Voodoo Vixen 
(Size L still available on the Voodoo Vixen website and full range of sizes available at Unique Vintage)
Heels - Novo

This new release from the Voodoo Vixen Spring/Summer range is another design that I was quite excited about. I love stripes and I love jumpsuits, put them together and I will most likely wear it. The colourful stripes make this such a fun jumpsuit and the thin straps make it very much summer appropriate. 

These photos were taken a few weeks ago and it was such a hot day, it was nice to be wearing something so comfortable and easy to wear. I kept my hair in a ponytail that day as I liked the way it looked with the jumpsuit and it was just easier with the heat. This polyester jumpsuit was very easy and breathable to wear in what was an unexpected hot day which is great because I love a good summer jumpsuit that serves it's purpose. 

Another couple of great features includes the adjustable straps and of course the pockets, the buttons on the pockets are another great touch of detail. I went with my regular size small and suggest sticking with your regular size, the fit is great and it also has a bit of extra room which is perfect for a laid back summer jumpsuit. If the jumpsuit is not your style but you love these stripes be sure to check out this top and these trousers, so cute!

I had a really nice Easter long weekend, Max and I spent a lot of time relaxing around the house, especially after his last work trip to the US a few weeks ago it was good to just chill out together. We then had a fun family BBQ at mum's which never disappoints. Mum and I then took the dogs out for a beach walk on Monday which was so nice after not being able to go there for a couple of weeks, we always have the best time together. I'm thankful for having all of that time to catch up and unwind for a few days. 

I also got a bit of sewing in, I love the dress pattern I'm using but I'm not loving my fabric choices now, I still plan to finish it and blog it but I will consider it my mock up of the pattern and make it again in summer. 

How was your weekend?

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Glorious! You look great. I like how you picked out the red with the shoes. X

  2. Another gorgeous jumpsuit on you, I love the colourful strips and the style of this jumpsuit! Wonderful photos as well! :)

  3. I love this jumpsuit and was excited to see leggier ladies wearing it! If I was taller I would have snapped it up, it's gorgeous. It really suits you - and pretty ideal for your climate too x

  4. Very cute and comfortable looking! I've got quite a long torso, which can make finding jumpsuits that fit right kind of tough, so I love that this one has adjustable straps. The colors are really fun as well, perfect for summer.

  5. Oh wow! I can't even tell you how much I love this jumpsuit on you! The colours, the cut, everything looks so amazing, and you wear it beautifully.

    Sandra <3

  6. This jumpsuit is amazing on you. I love the clean crispness of the lines and the colors. So perfect for a hot lounging day! Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday weekend :)


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