Seashell Border

Monday 24 April 2017

New season Collectif Clothing and Sun Jellies has got me smiling! 

Photos: Mum 

Outfit Details

Jade Seashell Border Swing Dress - c/o Collectif
Lilac Jelly Tote Bag - c/o Sun Jellies
Mermaid Necklace + Bracelet - Totally Jewel
Hair flower - Made by me
Shoes - Target

It has been  a busy few days but it is nice to sit down at my desk to write this blog post with a cup of coffee! I wore this outfit to the beach last Monday with mum and the dogs. It was a public holiday and what is usually a pretty quiet walk ended up being very busy with very warm weather. We had a great walk but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get some photos of my outfit since there were people everywhere, luckily mum pointed out this spot which was nice and quiet with good lighting, the dogs were pretty happy too as they could play in the rock pools and keep themselves cool as we got some shots.

When I first saw the new Collectif Look book a couple of months ago this dress instantly stood out to me, it is my favourite type of summer dress for hot weather as sleeves and a covered back can get too hot, especially when you're planning on going for a walk in the dress! I guess it's obvious that the seashell border print and the colour blue were the other factors that made me want this dress, I mean how can I resist? The jade dress also comes in quite a few other colours and prints, I want them all!

The fabric is quite a thick cotton and which gives a real luxurious feel to it, it could definitely be dressed up or down because of this. The border print on this dress is just so beautiful!!! I went for a more casual look, though the necklace could be a bit much for a morning walk but hey, if it's a good match I will wear it and I will enjoy it haha! Other honourable mentions go to the adjustable double straps, the pockets in the dress and the matching belt. I went for my usual size UK8/xs for Collectif clothing and found the sizing to be pretty accurate, I had a little bit of extra room in the waist but that is how I like it, I need that comfort space and anyway the belt allows me to pull it in... And then release it a bit after lunch.

Another brand that you always see on my blog is Sun Jellies, the Atomic Tote bag has two new colours this season including lilac (featured with this outfit) and red. I love these bags as they are cute, practical and I love all of the colours available! I usually pack my camera with one lens in my smaller camera case and then inside the jelly bag + all of the other bits and pieces I carry daily. I always take them to the beach since it doesn't matter if they get wet and they're always handy to put groceries in. I love the way this lilac bag goes with the dress, I can't go past pastels especially when they go so well together.

I'm hoping that the beautiful sunny weather sticks around as I have some fun new nautical outfits that I have been waiting to wear out!

Have a great week!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Love this dress so much! And what a beautiful location. <3


  2. I've had many a good many photoshoots ruined by people, so I know that pain well... But it worked out for the best here! I love this dress style too - it's so girly and it looks uber flattering. Really hoping I get my hands on one before the season is out! x

  3. It's a lovely photo spot, your Mum chose well! Very pretty dress, you look carefree in it x

  4. Looking sooo pretty!! And gorgeous photos. Go mum.

  5. Wow! Such a gorgeous dress on you, I love the sea shell boarder print and the style of this dress! Also your necklace and shoes match the dress perfectly! xo

  6. Collectif is BRINGING it with these dresses! I love the thicker fabric and the dresses are just so cute! You're rocking this one - the colors are so perfect for you. And these shots!! Man, what a location!!

  7. Such a perfect print on you and that necklace couldn't be any cuter with that dress!!! <3

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