Sunshine Daises

Friday 5 May 2017

Hell Bunny's new Spring/Summer range is sooo good, we may be heading into the cool Autumn weather here but I couldn't help myself and had to try this gorgeous mini dress!

Photos: Renee

Outfit Details

Hat - Op-Shop
Shoes - c/o Charlie Stone Shoes

It's actually starting to get really cold here now, especially in the early mornings and evenings. I leave the house in one of my go-to coats and return home and chuck my track pants and a hoodie on. Luckily there was a bit of afternoon sun to take some photos of this lovely dress a couple of weeks ago, though it did start to sprinkle with rain a few minutes into this photo set. It did make the situation feel a little carefree and fun as I giggled my way through these photos with Renee.

I don't usually go for mini dresses but I could not resist this beautiful dress style and print. I love gingham but blue gingham with daisies just really caught my attention, it's just such a pretty and flattering dress. I decided to pair it with the yellow Wendi cardigan, Hell Bunny knitwear is always so soft and really great quality and I have quite a few cardigans by Hell Bunny that I've purchased over the years, this one goes perfectly with this dress too. For sizing I wear xs for all Hell Bunny but I usually size up to size small for knitwear or coats as I like extra room for layering. 

 I'll probably have to pop this dress away until spring but I can't wait to wear it again as it's just so adorable! More Hell Bunny will be coming to the blog soon...

Have a great weekend! 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Such a sweet little dress! The style lends itself to the shorter style and you look fab in it!

  2. What a cute little dress on you...I love the daisy and gingham print on it...wonderful styling as well! :)

  3. The top of this dress is based on my favourite style from Hell Bunny - so comfortable, flattering and easy to wear on or off the shoulder. Love it. This print is really sweet too and would be very appropriate for the season over here... if the sun ever bothered to come out, that is :( x

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