The Autumn Flapper

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

It's been a while since I have worn a 1920's look so today I'm sharing this beautiful beaded dress with colours that seem to fit in with the colours of Autumn right now.

Photos: Mum

Outfit Details 

Pompadour Earrings - c/o Revere Folie
Coat - Thrifted
Shoes - Target

I was first introduced to this brand by the team at Rock n Romance and I'm glad that they did as the 20's inspired garments that they create are absolutely stunning and easy pieces to wear.

Although I went full flapper for this look I think their pieces could be dressed down a bit for a more everyday kind of look or dinner look. I'd mix it up by wearing the headband on top of my head, or not wearing one at all, chucking a cardigan over top and some smaller heels or flats.

I'm wearing size UK8 and I love the fit, it's got a nice loose waist with a beautiful flattering fit which creates a nice 20's silhouette. Although it has quite a lot of beading and detail to it, this dress is really lightweight (this goes back to where I said it's easy to wear). There is no need for slips and it's ready to wear as it is. I love the way the top sheer/beaded layer of the dress moves to reveal the deep red underneath, the scalloped hem is another favourite feature.

Autumn is such a nice time of year, the leaves are starting to turn golden and it's nice to walk the dogs a little later in the morning at the park or waterfront when it warms up a bit more, they like to snuggle up on the couch in the mornings and Leo has been rocking his knitted turtleneck jumpers that he loves so much. Now is the time I really start to pull out my warm clothes.

I have another outfit from Like a Rainbow Shop coming to the blog soon, but for now I'm going to enjoy a cup of tea and catch up on some blog reading before bed!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Very vampy, it's such a contrast seeing you in these dark colours and in a style so removed from your usual beachy, nautical vibe! You look gorgeous. A good beaded dress is hard to come by on a reasonable budget, I'll have to check that shop out x

  2. It's great to see this look back - you look fabulous and the colour of the dress of gorgeous, with the sheer layer adding a little shimmery mystery. It really suits you. Kx

  3. You really suit these drop waist kind of dresses and you always look like you're having fun in your flapper shoots! The dress is pretty but I think the coat you found is a really lovely finishing touch and it really all works together x

  4. Such a glam look! I love the moody feel of the darker tones of the dress, so indulgent and vampy!

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