Windy Mornings by the Water

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Windy waterfront walks in a 1940s style nautical dress!

Photos: Mum

Outfit Details

1940s Lucille Sailboats Dress - c/o Unique Vintage
Trench Coat - Collectif (past season)
Shoes - Novo

I admit that wearing so many nautical outfits has me running out of blog titles haha! Anyway, here is an outfit that I wore earlier this week.

Monday morning was spent by the warterfront with mum and the dogs and oh my gosh it was freezing but I was excited to take this dress out for a spin as it's such a lovely 1940s style dress and I wearing my trusty coat kept me snug for the walk.

We got to the waterfront at around 8am, walked for a bit, I then braved the weather by taking off my coat and getting hit by the wind and then we continued on our walk. You can probably see that the dress was flying around and I couldn't really get the neck tie to stay down in many shots. I do love photos of dresses hit by a bit of wind as it looks so pretty (when they stay mostly in place).

The dress features loose sleeves, a back zip, as mentioned above an attached neck tie, a nipped in waist and a flowy skirt. I am wearing my usual size small for Unique Vintage and again I haven't had any issues with their sizing. I naturally just went with simple styling and didn't feel the need to accessorise at all really since the nautical sailboat print is quite loud and I wouldn't want to complicate it. I do plan on wearing it with a big sunhat for spring/summer but for this particular day there was no hope for a hat.

Unique Vintage also has a great competition at the moment to win a huge summer shopping spree, for more details and to enter click here!

I finally ordered some new back-seam stockings last week which should arrive soon, I can't wait to start wearing stockings again after a hot summer. 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Such a lovely dress - and absolutely perfect for the location! Kx

  2. I really like the windy photos, it gives them atmosphere! Surely down in Australia it must be a chore having all that blazing sunshine most of the year ;) I do like that dress, it's a pretty cut, with a decent length, and sleeves (I like sleeves!). I honestly could look at nautical outfits all day, all year. They'll never bore me, if you keep showing us fabulous dresses like this! x

  3. I can tell how windy it was - these look like nearly all photos I ever take!! It works well here though, it's nice to see the movement of the dress. Speaking of which, what a pretty print! It's easy to find lots of samey nautical stuff but you do find the quirkier pieces. If I lived closer to the sea I'm pretty sure 90% of my outfits would be nautical themed, so keep em coming! x

  4. So gorgeous! I love love love nautical outfits and never get tired of them!

  5. Another gorgeous nautical dress on you, I love it! Beautiful photos as well! xo

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