32 Weeks

Thursday 1 October 2020

Photos by mum

 Top - Kmart 
Pants - Made by mum
Sandals - Porronet 

32 weeks, another week of feeling tired but I had the luxury of being on leave early to lay around and get some much needed rest.

I have been meaning to take photos of this outfit for the past few weeks because I have worn it so much and it is one of favourite maternity outfits so far. My clever mum made these pants for herself a while ago but they weren't the right size so she let me try them on a month ago and they accommodate this growing bump so well and I love the look of them and the textured cotton fabric, combined with this elasticised top that she gave me as well, they are the perfect match. This outfit is sooo comfortable but I also feel super cool in it haha! Believe me, all I want is comfort and an outfit that is cool for the warmer weather. 

I felt nauseas most of the week and the previous weeks, but this week particularly from the moment I wake up until about 12.30pm - so I usually just take it easy and lay around because I honestly don't feel like doing much else. Baby has been rolling and kicking me about which I'm sure was contributing. As much as I hate nausea there is always comfort in feeling her move... Even if she has discovered that she can kick my ribs now. 
I have still been having the third trimester hot flushes which I do not enjoy, hence why the cool layered outfits are a must, I usually just grab an ice pack from the freezer and pop it on my head or blast the air conditioning and then I eventually feel normal again. 

I keep falling asleep during the day, try to do little things here and there when I feel okay for a while. The rest at home now being on leave from work has really helped me though, I didn't realise that I needed to slow down a bit and take care of myself some more. 

Max continues to rub the bump, talk to baby girl and we both just get more and more excited to meet her. I love how proud he is of this growing bump and he is proud of me during this pregnancy. It's lovely just how supportive and caring he has been since the day we found out. 

I have started packing my hospital bag and am hoping to get to the shops to pick up some more things I need, though I'm dreading going to the shops, they have made me feel nauseas this whole paranoid... Well that combined with a pandemic even though it is somewhat under control here in nsw. I will get in and out as quick as possible. I also want to get my eyebrows waxed and my hair trimmed within the fortnight.

My next antenatal appointment is coming up soon, these are now fortnightly appointments but soon weekly as I get closer and closer to delivering our baby. 

Kayla x


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